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Arizona State University researchers conducted surveys with visitors at six locations in and around Sedona from January to June 2018. 1,657 visitors were approached and 1,001 surveys were completed, a 60% response rate.

Visitor Survey Findings

Some highlights

  • 90% of respondents were from the United States.  Canadian residents comprised the largest component of international visitors (69%).
  • 35% of respondents were from Arizona.  California residents comprised the second largest U.S. segment (14%)
  • The most-visited places are Uptown (79%) and Oak Creek Canyon (74%).

55% of respondents rate Sedona as “excellent.” 42% rate the destination as “above average.” No respondents rate Sedona “below average.”

In the “want more” category, visitors most frequently chose parking lots, public transportation, restrooms and interaction with residents.

In the “want less” category, visitors most frequently chose amount of traffic and number of tourists.

Visitors show a strong preference for sustainability practices.  The percent who say they ‘very much’ look for vacation destination with:

Attractions that practice “Leave no Trace” principles        81%
Locally-owned tours or attractions that do not stress the environment    75%
Businesses implementing environmental practices         66%
Low-impact transportation options such as biking, public transport, walkways   61%

From 1-3% say they have visited a place in Sedona and could not find parking

2-6 % say they have avoided Sedona locations because of crowds


Executive Summary - Visitor Survey

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