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Sustainable Tourism Plan

Sedona’s stunningly beautiful landscapes, majestic red rock formations and desert terrain are just a few of the reasons 3 million visit this destination annually. Conde Nast Traveler and the New York Times rate Sedona as a top destination.

Over-tourism has become an issue, and we are being “loved to death.” This has prompted a Sustainable Tourism Plan that was initiated in 2019.

We ask that you familiarize yourself with our four pillars of sustainability for a balanced future.

The Four Pillars of Sustainability

We hold ourselves accountable by specifying 60-plus tactics and timelines; community groups, nonprofits, businesses and governments all work together to achieve them.

Doing Your Part

Tourism is the most significant stressor on our environment and quality of life. As a visitor, you are essential to making — and keeping — Sedona sustainable. Please do your part to assure that Sedona will remain unspoiled and welcoming for generations to come.  

Before your arrival, commit to following the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace which includes packing out trash, leaving nature as you found it, being courteous to others, honoring natural silence, respecting Sedona’s neighborhoods, staying on trails and more.  Doing your part is not difficult and makes a large contribution to our preservation efforts, allowing you to show your appreciation for the magnificent natural tableau of Red Rock Country.

Follow Our Results

Every three months, we publicly update STP progress, arranged by pillar, posting the specific actions taken toward achieving each tactic.

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