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Quality of Tourism Economy

Sedona’s economy depends on our visitors. Ten-thousand jobs and more than a billion dollars in annual economic impact are tied to Sedona’s tourism industry.  Visitor-related activity generates 77% of Sedona’s sales tax collections and 54% of the tax-funded portion of the Sedona Fire District budget.

The Quality of Tourism Economy pillar introduces strategies that nurture Sedona’s economy while increasing its long-term sustainability by spreading annual visitation more evenly throughout the year, dispersing visitors to more diverse locations and experiences, improving collaboration among local agencies and addressing housing and training issues for local workers.

Quality of the Economy Objectives

  1. Monitor and adjust levels of economic activity in need periods and moderate congestion by dispersing visitors
  2. Expand interagency collaboration among diverse Sedona organizations
  3. Monitor and adjust tourism marketing to achieve a balance between quality of life and a healthy economy
  4. Pursue innovative approaches to employee housing and training

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