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Resident Quality of Life

Sedona’s small-town character is rooted in the rural spirit of the West. Our 10,000 residents prize our dark skies, the harmonious quiet that pervades our stunning environment and the cultural legacy found in ancient ruins and small-town parades.

Welcoming visitors has been a Sedona tradition since at least the 1950s, but in recent years residents say the economic benefits of tourism — and the traffic congestion and overcrowding that sometimes come with it — must be weighed against the impacts on our environment, community character and lifestyle.

The Resident Quality of Life Pillar embraces transportation and technology solutions, new visitor experiences with less environmental impacts and continuing engagement with residents and businesses to balance economic necessity with community quality of life.

Resident Quality of Life Objectives

  1. Implement new infrastructure and multi-modal solutions to facilitate visitor traffic flows and enhance access to key destinations
  2. Expand use of technology to help solve transportation challenges
  3. Deepen engagement with Sedona residents, expanding their knowledge of tourism and efforts to manage it to an effective balance
  4. Develop new sustainability-focused experiences that resonate with both Sedona residents and visitors
  5. Manage current and future accommodations in ways that increase their balance with long-term sustainability
  6. Launch initiatives that lessen tourism impacts to residents (including noise, air, and light pollution) to strengthen resident quality of life

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