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Sedona’s dramatic Red Rock formations and our sunny, mild, semi-arid climate draw millions of visitors year round.

The environment is extraordinarily sensitive. Damage to landscape, flora and habitats occurs easily and may require years – even decades – to recover. Waste and energy management in our relatively remote community pose ongoing challenges. As elsewhere in Arizona, water conservation is a priority.  Increased visitation to Red Rock country can bring noise, air and light pollution that raise concerns about residents’ quality of life.

The Environmental Pillar of the Sustainable Tourism Plan seeks to balance our quality of life and environmental sensitivity with visitors’ desire for a unique Sedona experience.

Environmental Objectives:

A1. Implement new waste prevention, reduction, and diversion strategies focused on visitors and their impacts in the Sedona region

A2. Expand programs that encourage minimal water usage and protect water quality

A3. Create new programs to help businesses and visitors moderate energy use and utilize alternative forms of energy

A4. Launch initiatives that lessen impacts to lands (including noise, air, and light pollution), and stimulate efforts for long-term sustainability

A5. Take leadership role in educating and engaging businesses and visitors on sustainability initiatives and encouraging visitors to be sensitive guests while in the destination

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