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Land Management Agencies and Nonprofit Focus Group Findings

Arizona State University researchers conducted focus groups with 16 land management agencies and Sedona-area nonprofits to identify their challenges and suggested solutions relating to tourism in the area.

Some highlights:

  • Land management agencies such as Arizona Parks, the National Forest Service, and Arizona Game and Fish say their greatest tourism-management challenge is balancing visitor use with protection of natural and cultural resources.
  • Managing visitor distribution to lower concentration areas is seen as a solution

The following challenges were also cited:

  • Finding ways to positively influence user behavior.
  • Gaining public support of their diverse needs and priorities.
  • Lack of long-term planning.

Land Managers identified these possible solutions:

  • Enhanced education and environmental interpretation for local communities and visitors.
  • Collaboration among agencies and area communities for funding, data collection and sharing, education, long-term planning and policy consistency. 

Nonprofit agencies such as Keep Sedona Beautiful, Friends of the Verde River and the Oak Creek Watershed Council say their greatest tourism management challenge is traffic congestion and the increase in the number of visitors.

Participants identified these possible solutions:

  • Education for residents, businesses and tourists.
  • Resident engagement at public events, workshops on sustainability
  • Visitor education focusing on fire danger, wildlife and habitat, trash disposal and Leave No Trace ethics.

The following challenges were also cited:

  • Housing affordability and unregulated lodging.
  • Environmental quality issues around water, air, light, wildlife and trash.

Nonprofit leaders identified these possible solutions:

  • Business partnerships to enhance  dark sky, help redistribute visitors, distribute fire safety information
  • Increased collaboration with the community and the Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau.
  • Expand nonprofit funding; facilitate tourist donations to nonprofits.

Executive Summary - Agency Survey

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