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Business Survey Findings

Plan developers collected data via an email survey of businesses provided by the Sedona Chamber.  262 completed surveys were received.

Some highlights

  • Approximately three-quarters of Sedona businesses have with fewer than 10 employees.  Just over half of the owners live in the City of Sedona.
  • 37 percent say all of their employees live in Sedona; 27 percent say more than half live in Sedona.
  • Business owners have a strong understanding of tourism’s role in the overall economy.
  • Just over half say tourism should have about the same economic impact in the future as it has currently. The remainder are roughly equally split between saying tourism should play a greater role versus a lesser role.

Just over half of business respondents consider themselves to be in the tourism business.

Eighty-four percent recognize they benefit from the tourism industry.

Businesses rank tourism as the top most-acceptable economic development for Sedona, a significant variance from residents, who choose ‘medical/health’ as number one.

Businesses support sustainability practices, particularly “Leave No Trace” principles and supporting businesses where spending is locally retained.

  • Businesses rate limited litter, clean air and water, conservation of natural areas, and cleanliness as the most important factors to Sedona’s quality of life.
  • Businesses express dissatisfaction with overcrowding of roads, trails, in the Uptown area, lack of diversity in the economy and real estate costs.


Executive Summary - Business Survey

Details on the Business Survey