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Tactic B5.3

Short Term Rental - Research

Provide Short Term Rental (STR) research and impacts.

The STR marketplace in Sedona is dispersed in location, ownership and listings of available homes, restricting the City’s ability to develop databases of this inventory and its performance. The City is developing a new system to capture accurate data on STRs and understand their impact on Sedona’s visitor base. Findings should be incorporated by the SCC&TB and any additional original analysis of the data should be made available to ensure understanding of the STR market.

Additional consideration should be given to better understand how STRs impact residential decisions to relocate to – or from – Sedona.


TIMEFRAME Short-term (12-18 months)

LEAD PARTNER City of Sedona


ALIGNING RESEARCH Industry Best Practices


1. Monthly reports to City Council TARGET = 9 / STATUS = TBD


Short Term Rental - Research 

Provide Short Term Rental (STR) research and impacts.

FY22:  Quarterly reporting to the City Council will begin when Key Data establishes statistically valid sampling. The company is a top Vacation Rental data source contracted by the SCC&TB in late FY21 to better gauge the full lodging picture by including real-time short-term vacation rental data and benchmarking. Key Data also integrates well with LODGINGRevs contracted by the City of Sedona to provide STR data, inventory and compliance support. 

FY21 & FY20:  The City of Sedona contracted with LODGINGRevs to provide STR data, inventory and compliance support for the City of Sedona, beginning n FY20. LODGINGRevs provides Sedona with identification, compliance and complaint calls.

In September 2020, the City of Sedona and LODGINGRevs established a 24-hour hotline and incident reporting form for the public to report problems with short-term rentals. When the hotline was launched, the City of Sedona had emergency contact information for about 65% of the short-term rentals within the City of Sedona limits. By February 2021, the percentage had increased to 80% and the hotline had received 180 complaints, with the most frequent complaint, about 44% of all calls, relating to trash.

The SCC&TB is utilizing AirDNA, which collects data from Air BnB, HomeAway and VRBO, to gauge Sedona STR occupancy and Average Daily Rate. As data is collected and processed, it will be shared with the public.