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Tactic B5.2

STR Host/Owners

Engage Short Term Rental (STR) Hosts/Owners to bring collaborative solutions and support of sustainable practices.

While Tactic 1 works to provide authority to regulate STRs, the effort will take time and it is unclear what, if any, ultimate authority might develop.

This tactic engages Sedona’s STR owners, educating them on sustainability initiatives and encouraging them to share resources with their clients to encourage responsible travel.

Rather than operating as a distinct segment somewhat removed from the broader industry, STR owners and operators would increasingly be a collaborative partner in ensuring long-term sustainability of Sedona’s tourism industry. 


TIMEFRAME Short-term (12-18 months)


SUPPORTING PARTNERS City of Sedona, Sedona Lodging Council

ALIGNING RESEARCH Industry Best Practices


1. Number of STR owners participating - TARGET=  TBD  / STATUS =  TBD
2. Benchmark resident attitudes towards STRs - TARGET=  TBD  / STATUS =  TBD


Short Term Rentals - Engagement

Engage Short Term Rental (STR) Hosts/Owners to bring collaborative solutions and support of sustainable practices

FY 22: In October, the SCC&TB co-hosted a public meeting on STRs that included presentations by the City Manager and City Attorney as well as a representative of a major STR management company and SCC&TB President/CEO Candace Strauss. More than 150 people participated in person and online. Much information on the reality of STR’s impact and what can be done was shared – critical in giving the public accurate information.

SCC&TB is planning separate meetings with STR management companies for early in the third quarter of FY22.

FY21 & FY20:  In late FY21, plans are being finalized for the SCC&TB and the Sedona Lodging Council to host a forum in the first quarter of FY22 on the topic of STRs, to include speakers or a panel on policy options for communities

 The SCC&TB encouraged STR owners to consider SCC&TB membership in FY20 as a way of initiating communication. One result was a scheduled workshop for short-term rental owners and operators in June 2020 that was postponed due to COVID-19. It will be scheduled for a date in FY21 or early FY22.