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Tactic C4.1

Workforce Housing

Continue to investigate new approaches to provide range of workforce housing for Sedona employees.

Sedona is working to expand workforce housing options for people who work in the city.

This tactic will ensure tourism industry professionals are participating in expanding housing alternatives within the city.

Given the nature of workforce housing needs, it will be important to coordinate regionally. Metrics should be considered at city and regional levels. 


TIMEFRAME Short-term (12-18 months)

LEAD PARTNER Housing Taskforce

SUPPORTING PARTNERS City of Sedona, SCC&TB, Local Nonprofits, Sedona Businesses

ALIGNING RESEARCH Business Survey, Public Input

1. Track number of affordable units/affordability index (in Sedona and region)

2. Proportion of Sedona employees living in Sedona area

3. Benchmark through business and employee surveys

City of Sedona is in the process of completing housing assessment.  Chamber serves on this committee and assisted with organzing surveys and focus groups.  Regional partners have financially contributed to add a regional approach.  More updates to come on this project as assessment is completed.