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Kachina House

Kachina House, your destination for authentic Native American art and artifacts in Sedona, Arizona.

A hidden find, the Kachina House has the largest selection of authentic Native American Hopi Katsinam and Navajo Kachinas as well as handcrafted pottery, baskets, textiles, jewelry and other art from the Southwest's most talented and respected Native American artists.

The owners of Kachina House are committed to preserving and promoting Native American art and culture and work closely with their artists to ensure that every piece in their collection is of the highest quality and authenticity. Their collection celebrates the rich history and cultural diversity of the Southwest's Indigenous Peoples.

The Kachina House has a vast selection of Native American pottery at all price ranges and styles including Navajo ceramic and handbuilt, Horsehair, Pueblo, Storytellers and Wedding Vases. If you’ve been looking for Native American pottery pieces to complete your collection, then Kachina House is the place for you.

Jewelry plays a large role in Native American culture. It tells stories, holds history and represents the spiritual beliefs and cultures of every tribe across America. Here you will find a vast selection from the Algonquin, Apache, Hopi, Lakota, Navajo, Santo Domingo and Zuni people.

Tip: You will learn the differences between a Katsina doll versus a Kachina doll. A Kachina doll is referred to as a Navajo-made doll while Katsina is used to describe a Hopi doll. The Hopi people believe that the Katsina dancers possess supernatural powers, although they are men from the village wearing masks and feathered costumes.

Directions from the Visitor Center in Uptown: Right on SR 89A heading west for 2.7 mi. Turn right onto Southwest Dr. Turn right onto Hozoni Dr. Turn right onto Hopi Dr. Kachina House is on the left. 2920 Hopi Drive. Call for hours: 928.204.9750