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Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot National Monument is home to a three-story hilltop pueblo that was built by the Sinagua people around 1100 CE.

Address: 25 Tuzigoot Rd, Clarkdale, Ariz.

*Due to the Tuzigoot fire within Tavasci Marsh, the marsh and all trails through the area have been closed until further notice. However, the Pueblo remains open.

The Pueblo features 110 rooms and offers a fascinating look into the daily life and culture of this ancient civilization. Visitors can explore the pueblo and learn about the various rooms and features that were once used by the Sinagua people. It is believed that the ancient dwelling was home to 250 people.

In addition to the pueblo, Tuzigoot National Monument also features interpretive displays and exhibits that help visitors better understand the history and significance of the site.

One of the most impressive features of the Tuzigoot National Monument is the extensive collection of 3,158 artifacts that have been discovered at the site and are now on display in the Tuzigoot Museum collection. All but a handful of the artifacts were found onsite, and all of them allow us tiny glimpses into the daily life, work and art of people who built these walls a thousand years ago. The tribe was largely agricultural and had trade routes that spanned hundreds of miles.

Tip: “Tuzigoot,” originates from the Apache word Tu Digiz which means crooked water. It refers to the nearby oxbow-shaped historic riverbed. Follow along a short trail, steep in places and approximately one-quarter mile long. It may also be fun to arrange a kayak trip down the Verde River.

Directions from Visitor Center: Head East on Forest Rd. Right on SR 89A. Follow W SR 89A to Mingus Ave. in Cottonwood 17 mi. Take a right on E. Mingus Ave. Take a right on N. Main St. to Tuzigoot Rd. 6.3 mi. Hours Mon. – Sun. 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Call: 928.634.5564.

Entrance Fee: $10 – Good for use at Montezuma Castle National Monument.