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Montezuma Well Heritage Site

Visitors to the Montezuma Well Heritage Site can explore the ancient dwelling and artifacts left behind by the Sinagua people, including a well-preserved cliff dwelling that was built into the side of the sinkhole.

At the heart of the Montezuma Well Heritage Site is a large, limestone sinkhole filled with natural spring water that has been formed over 11,000 years ago. This water source was a vital resource for the ancient Sinagua people who lived there and today, it remains an important source for the local ecosystem. However, due to the extremely high levels of carbon dioxide, fish cannot live in this environment. 

Montezuma Well features a half-mile-long paved trail, where you can encounter geology, plant and animal life found nowhere else on the planet. The grounds here are considered sacred to the Indigenous Peoples.

Tip: Near the picnic area, traces of irrigation ditches can be found, once created by the Sinagua and Hohokam people. The site also offers opportunities for hiking, bird watching and picnicking in a stunning natural setting. 

Directions from Montezuma Castle to Montezuma Well:  Head southwest on Montezuma Castle Rd toward W. Middle Verde Rd 0.9 mi. Turn right. Follow signs to I-17 N ramp to Flagstaff. Take I-17 for 2.8 mi. and exit at 293. Follow signs to Montezuma Well/National Monument 4.3 mi. Turn right onto Montezuma Well Rd. Check for hours of operation: 928.567.4521