Join our effort to keep Sedona sustainable.

April is Earth Month 2022

Join Us in Making a Difference

The majesty of our beautiful planet means more to us than ever, and we know you feel it too.

Red Rock Country is honoring Earth Month and the glory of our unmatched natural setting by taking action for a sustainable Sedona -- and we need your help to make it happen!

  As more people are captivated by Sedona’s beauty and tranquility, our visitors hold the key to a future of clean air, litter-free trails, smooth traffic, efficient public transit and an ethos of respect for our land. 

Join our effort to keep Sedona sustainable. Help make our beauty, serenity and inspiration last as long as the spectacular red rock environment we love sharing with you.

What can you do? Here are a few ideas!

VOLUNTEER  In just a few hours, connect with Sedonans and leave Red Rock Country better than you found it. Sign up to pick up trash, staff a food bank counter, lend a hand at our recycling facility, and more. It feels FANTASTIC to make a difference. Check out our Voluntourism Events page to sign up for April possibilities.

RECYCLE  Take this two-minute Sedona recycle knowledge quiz and practice recycling while you are here. Did you know metal hangers are not recyclable (Oh, dang! We just gave you one of the answers!) 

TAKE THE PLEDGE  Commit to the nine-step Sedona Cares Pledge and you instantly become part of keeping Sedona gorgeous. The Pledge is your declaration of support for a pristine Sedona. Become a champion by sharing your commitment with your social media friends and followers. Take the Pledge today!

LEARN THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF LEAVE NO TRACE  The Leave No Trace principles are recognized everywhere as the foundation of caring for the wild outdoors. You will learn new ways to protect the land and wildlife while modeling Sedona’s environmental philosophy during your stay. Make the Seven Principles part of your forever after, and you are an instant global ambassador for a sustainable natural environment.

SPREAD THE WORD  The Sedona Chamber is educating everyone on building a sustainable Sedona. You can play a vital role just by communicating to other travelers about our gentle but firm expectations of environmental responsibility. Encourage friends and relatives to take the Sedona Cares Pledge, Voluntour and follow the Leave No Trace principles. Let them know they are part of the solution!

GET INVOLVED  Follow our progress in achieving the Sustainable Tourism Plan and decide which tactics and objectives appeal to you. When you visit Sedona, you will know just who to contact to keep your personal Sedona sustainability commitment rolling.

BE ACTIVE  Contribute to the betterment of  Sedona! Check out the Voluntourism Events!

SUPPORT LOCAL  There are over 100 businesses in Sedona and the Verde Valley that are sustainably certified with the Sustainability Alliance. Show your support by shopping, eating, staying or adventuring at sustainable businesses making the extra effort. There are also over 50 businesses that are signed up to be Straw Free!



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Recycle Guide and Quiz

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