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Sedona Secret 7 Hiking

Location: Airport Loop Trail

The Sedona experience takes on many forms. Profoundly spiritual, invigoratingly physically or mentally rejuvenating, Sedona is the perfect place to refresh the mind, body and soul. Once you arrive, with the unique Arizona light bathing your senses and the clear air making every breath a cleansing one, your personal Sedona sojourn begins.

Of course, the spires and canyons of red rock country are a stunning, unforgettable sight, infusing the landscape with unique energy you will find both soothing and energizing, not to mention astonishingly beautiful.

Location: Woods Canyon Trail

Hiking is one of the best ways to absorb all these Sedona sensations at once; it is by far our most popular activity. With more than 400 miles of local trails offering experiences from shaded creekside paths to demanding climbs that take you high above the desert floor, hiking in Sedona is like nowhere else. Along the way, you will encounter our world-famous vortexes, evidence of ancient habitation dating back thousands of years, rare desert flora and unique wildlife.

But for the truly passionate hiker seeking trails less traveled, we offer a special treat – a passport to Sedona’s out-of-the-way treasures seen by few. These handful of memorable hikes are part of Sedona’s Secret 7, a collection of experiences that take you inside Red Rock Country as few ever see it. Sedona’s Secret 7 opens the door to seven experiences in seven groupings - hiking, biking, picnicking, stargazing, arts and culture, spiritual journeys and inspiring vistas. Each group is curated by knowledgeable locals who want to share with adventurous visitors the special places they take their friends and relatives. We only ask that in delving deeper into your Sedona sojourn, you commit to the Sedona Cares Pledge, affirming your commitment to join us in preserving our landscape, respecting our environment and acting sustainably every day.

Location: Chimney Rock Loop Trail

Sedona’s Secret 7 hiking experiences are tailored to appeal to everyone with the soul of an explorer, embracing all levels of ability and respecting your limited time to savor Sedona. For example, a short, moderate out and back hike with your leashed pet will take you to basaltic lava fields and dazzling views of Cathedral Rock on the Schuerman Mountain Trail, a 2-mile round trip. If you are up for a long, strenuous hike with over 2,000 feet of elevation change and sweeping panoramas, Jack’s Canyon is the trail for you. This 12.4 mile out and back is a heart-pounding cardio thriller. Be sure to hike to the very end to access the unique views the locals love. The Chimney Rock Loop Trail is a 2-mile, moderate hike around the base of Chimney Rock, which locals also call Three Fingers Rock (you will see why). Leashed pets are welcome on this trail. See if you can spot the Lizard Head formation. Hint: look up when you pass the intersection of Chimney Rock and Lizard Head trails.
Whether you select one - – or choose to do them all – the Secret 7 hikes reflect Sedona’s partnership with the US Forest Service to keep public lands accessible to all, free of trash and expertly maintained. We’re committed to keeping this ancient landscape, with its stunning view, delicate flora, unique wildlife, and awe-inspiring evidence of long since passed inhabitants – sustained for the generations that follow ours. Please review the Sedona Cares Pledge before embarking on these precious natural resources and take a few moments to review the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace, a Sedona Chamber & Tourism Bureau partner with valuable advice on interacting with our lands.

Location: Turkey Creek Trail

Don’t forget the additional Secret 7 adventures. From deeply moving experiences gazing into the infinite night sky to relaxing picnic spots for the family or just the two of you, Sedona’s Secret 7 will surely have something – or many things – to fire your imagination, desires and spirit.  

Thank you for visiting and for committing to recreating in Red Rock Country responsibly and sustainably.

Now, get out there! Enjoy all Sedona – and Sedona’s Secret 7 – offer our visitors.

Location: Jacks Canyon Trail