Stargazing in Sedona, Arizona | Places to Stargaze in Sedona


Cover yourself in a blanket of stars.

Even Sedona’s nightlife is best enjoyed outdoors beneath a canopy of glittering stars. In 2014 Sedona was awarded the prestigious designation as an International Dark Sky Community. Use Sedona’s Secret 7 as your guide to see exactly what that means. Follow the short paved path from Centennial Trailhead for a front row seat to the glittering cosmos above. From the Baldwin Trailhead, the stars form a halo encircling the dark spires of Cathedral Rock. Or, slip out of town to the Beaverhead Flat Scenic Overlook. Here you can gaze at the Milky Way, flowing like a frosted river of light overhead. Check out Sedona's stargazing locations.

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