Respect and Responsibility Help Keep Sedona’s Trails Accessible

Respect and Responsibility Help Keep Sedona’s Trails Accessible

Overuse, abuse, and damage can lead to trail closures. No matter what kind of outdoor activities you enjoy, there is the potential to impact the land and resources negatively, but off-roading can have higher impacts on trails and create disturbances in residential areas when not done respectfully

Every trail user has a stake in keeping these places open, so remember to respect other trail users and communities, ride responsibly and Tread Lightly!

Respect for public land comes in many different forms. Not only should you take care of the resources you recreate on, but also be conscientious and courteous to those who are sharing the trail, the people living in communities near trailheads and the land managers who maintain public lands.

When accessing trailheads through neighborhoods or riding near others on the trail, remember to be aware of speed, noise, and dust. This keeps others safe on the trail and quiet residential areas undisturbed.

All trail users have a shared stake and responsibility in taking care of our public land for current and future generations to use and enjoy. If every person who enjoys the outdoors commits to doing their part and giving back to the land they use, it makes a big difference.

There are many ways to be responsible when off-roading. Even campers, hikers and fishermen sometimes take a dirt trail on their vehicle to get to a trailhead or water shore. When on the trail, remember to travel responsibly and know what areas are open to your mode of transportation. Before you head out, check out the land management website or maps to know what trails are designated for your type of recreation. Always pack out what you pack in and leave these areas better than you found them.

Together with Tread Lightly! and local OHV outfitters, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce have created the Red Rock OHV Conservation Crew to address local issues effecting Sedona’s OHV trails and community. Visit to learn how you can keep Sedona’s trails open, healthy and beautiful. Learn more about Tread Lightly! and its mission at