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Mind the Dust: How to Keep Off-Road Trails Open and Accessible

Sedona’s unique desert landscape are amazing places that can be explored by many kinds of outdoor enthusiasts, including off-roaders, but it’s important to know how to ride properly. By respecting the trails, neighbors to the trailheads, and fellow trail users, riders help protect access to these off-roading trails. One way to maintain access is by keeping the dust down when off-roading in Sedona. By not kicking up dust, you protect others, sensitive desert habitats and your vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you Tread Lightly! and mind your dust:

Keep Speeds Down: Riding at high speeds kicks up dust and creates a lot of noise. When off-roading, it is very important to maintain a safe speed through neighborhoods and on trails to keep impacts low and to keep residents who live near connector trails and access roads undisturbed. Never ride idly around campsites, neighborhoods, or trailheads. Remember, that these are shared spaces and it’s important to practice trail etiquette and have mutual respect for other users and those that are impacted by trail use.

Avoid Sensitive Areas: When dust is being kicked up, the trail can erode and rut, which may lead to trails access being limited. Along with trail damage, dust can mean damage to sensitive desert soils and historical artifacts, disturbance of wildlife habitats and water systems. By doing your part, you can help protect these special place.

Do Your Part: Do your part to avoid sensitive areas by riding only on designated routes and staying on the trail. Some Sedona trailheads can’t be accessed without driving through neighborhoods. Help keep residents safe and undisturbed by keeping the noise and speed down and being respectful of those in the area. It’s up to everyone to ride responsibly and with respect and to Tread Lightly! on Sedona’s beautiful trails.