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Minimize Noise When Riding in Sedona

Off-roading on Sedona’s trails is a unique adventure that can be enjoyed by all, but it’s important to be respectful of the trail and the surrounding neighbors who may be affected by the noise from a machine.

By respecting the trails, neighbors to the trailheads, and fellow trail users, riders help protect access to these off-roading trails. By being a conscientious rider, other outdoor enthusiasts who are sharing the trails and neighbors to the trail will stay undisturbed. Here are a few tips to help you Tread Lightly! and minimize noise:

Be a good neighbor: Riding at high speeds kicks up dust and creates a lot of noise. When off-roading, it is very important to maintain a safe speed through neighborhoods and on trails to keep noise low and to keep residents who live near connector trails and access roads undisturbed. Never ride idly around campsites, neighborhoods, or trailheads. Remember, that these are shared spaces and it’s important to practice trail etiquette and have mutual respect for other users and those that are impacted by trail use.

Share the trail: Some trails in Sedona are multi-use and shared by other types of outdoor enthusiasts. Be considerate of others who may be nearby on shared trails, or trails that are near hiking and biking areas who may be outside to enjoy a peaceful day on the trail.

Tune your vehicle: Do your part to minimize noise by preventing unnecessary sounds created by poorly tuned vehicles and engine revving. Know how to maintain your vehicle. Help keep residents safe and undisturbed by keeping the noise and speed down and being respectful of those in the area. It’s up to everyone to ride responsibly and with respect and to Tread Lightly! on Sedona’s beautiful trails.