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Voluntourism In Sedona

What is voluntourism? It is a trend revolutionizing the way people travel.  Simply put, voluntourism invites visitors to contribute to the betterment of their travel destination.  Creek cleanups and trail maintenance outings are typical voluntourism activities.

For visitors, voluntourism means leaving Sedona just a little better than they found it.  For residents, it means improving our quality of life while helping visitors understand our commitment to our environment and community. For businesses and nonprofits, it is about organizing and supporting events that help keep Sedona The Most Beautiful Place on Earth.

Travel trends show visitors seek a sense of “temporary localhood,” experiencing their destination as a local person does while offsetting any possible negative impact from their visit.  Voluntourism meets these desires perfectly. 

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We embrace voluntourism as dovetailing with our drive to attract travelers who respect our environment and lifestyle. We also value giving visitors and residents an opportunity to make person-to-person contact, which is what travel - and living - is all about.

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