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What Is A Vortex

Find out what a vortex is and how it can help you.

There is so much more to Sedona than meets the eye.
Beneath the endless beauty beats a healing heart. Sedona has long been regarded as a place both sacred and powerful. It is a cathedral without walls. It is Stonehenge not yet assembled. People travel from all across the globe to experience the mysterious cosmic forces that are said to emanate from the red rocks. They come in search of the vortexes.  Visitors Center handout - What is a Vortex?
What is a vortex? Sedona vortexes (the proper grammatical form ‘vortices’ is rarely used) are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex.  

Although all of Sedona is considered to be a vortex, there are specific sites where the energy crackles most intensely. The four best known Sedona vortexes are found at Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon—each radiating its own particular energy. Some are thought to produce energy flowing upward while at others the energy spirals downward, entering the earth.
Don’t be surprised to find people doing meditation, yoga or performing other rituals at vortex sites. Please be respectful. There are several companies, individual guides and healing practitioners that offer vortex tours. But everyone is welcome to visit on their own. All vortex sites are easily accessible and maps and directions are available at the visitor center. Show up with an open mind and see what happens.

Sedona has developed a worldwide reputation as a place of enlightenment. This is home to a large community that promotes a variety of alternative healing and spiritual practices. There are wellness shops and boutiques scattered through the town. In addition, many of Sedona’s spas offer Native American-inspired treatments using indigenous materials like red rock clay and local plants. Anyone on a journey of self-discovery can find out more from expert practitioners through the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association at www.sedonaspiritual.com.   
Yet even if you have no particular interest in the metaphysical movement, plan on visiting Sedona’s vortex sites. It is virtually guaranteed that you will leave feeling better than when you arrived. Your heart will be lighter, your smile will be wider and you will feel more energized. Because here’s the wonderful secret: Vortexes are located at some of the most devastatingly scenic spots found among the towering red rock formations. Anytime you can get outside to walk in sunshine, breathing fresh clean air amid dazzling panoramas is a day well spent.

Sedona has the ability to transform lives. That’s its true power. The raw physical beauty of the landscape automatically recalibrates your sense of wonder. Embrace the spectacular. Accept the astonishing. This is a place that inspires, recharges, uplifts, soothes, restores and so much more. For many, the very act of being here provokes a spiritual awakening. No one leaves Sedona unchanged.
No matter what paths you take while traveling through life, Sedona is always the scenic route. That’s a journey well worth taking.
Welcome to Sedona, the most beautiful place on earth.

--Written by Roger Naylor,