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Aerie Trail

This moderate, out-and-back trail hugs the north side of Doe Mountain, offering shady spots especially in the morning. Include a hike to the top of Doe Mountain or connect to the Cockscomb trail to encircle the entire base of Doe Mountain.

Hiking Distance: Aerie Trail:  2.7 miles each way from the Aerie Trailhead parking area to the Boynton Canyon Trailhead Parking Area for 5.8 miles round trip. For a shorter hike, turn around at the intersection of the Cockscomb Trail for a 3.8-mile hike or turn right on the Cockscomb Trail for a 4.4-mile loop back to the Aerie Trailhead parking lot.  

Viewing Tip: On the Aerie trail, take in the view of Bear Mountain, Fay Canyon and Boynton Canyon. From the top of Doe Mountain, enjoy panoramic views of the Secret Mountain Wilderness.  

Driving Directions: From the Visitor Center, 331 Forest Road, turn right on 89A for 3.2 miles. Turn right on Dry Creek Road for 3.0 miles. At the stop sign, turn left onto Boynton Pass Road for 4.1 miles. Turn left on Aerie Road (past Doe Mtn) to the trailhead parking lot.

Parking: 13 spaces plus 2 handicap

Amenities: Pet friendly (leash required). A lesser used trail, but popular with mountain bikers. Restrooms are available at Doe Mountain and Fay Canyon trailhead parking lots.

Difficulty: Moderate