ADHA Pre-Post Offers | Visit Sedona

ADHA Pre-Post Offers

We extend to you a personal invitation to experience Sedona firsthand, before or after your 2018 IMPACT Conference in Phoenix. Take this opportunity to visit a wild country of mountains and mesas, sprawling canyons, and endless blue skies. Cool down in the gentle flowing waters of Oak Creek or relax and enjoy your favorite book under the shade of one of our beautiful Sycamore trees. Combining small town charm and modern luxury, Sedona is an oasis in the desert and offers respite from the bustle of a big city experience.

To enhance your visit, we’ve created special offers and discounts crafted specifically for you by our partners (below).

If you are part of the planning committee for your conference, or have a group of people who might need a pre or post conference gathering, have you also thought of considering Sedona as a destination for your meeting or event?

We know that our friends down in Phoenix offer amazing meeting experiences. But, here in Sedona we offer something unlike any other destination; A destination that exists at an impossible intersection of soul nourishing wilderness and pampered luxury. The perfect location for an intimate Board Retreat to refresh your executives after a long convention. We invite you to visit MySedonaMeetings for more inspiration about holding your next event in Sedona.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sedona, AZ the Most Beautiful Place on Earth!