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Our 5 Favorite Things In Sedona

Have You Seen Them All?

In the heart of central Arizona is one of the most exciting towns in Southwest as Sedona features incredible sightseeing, amazing cultural diversity, and an arts community that visitors come from all over the world to experience.

If you are planning a trip to Sedona, you might be asking yourself what must I see during my time there?

Well, we’ve taken the time to create a list of our five favorite things in Sedona that gives you the chance to craft your special trip through one of Arizona’s most unique towns.

Cathedral Rock

When most people think of Sedona, they picture the postcard-worthy views created by the nearby rock formations housed in the area’s national forest that features over 1.8 million acres of protected land. The most famous of the formations is Cathedral Rock, a hotspot for visitors due to the enjoyable hiking trail that leads to the saddle point where the vistas are jaw-droppingly gorgeous in all directions.

Measuring 4,967 feet at the summit, Cathedral Rock offers photography aficionados a breathtaking canvas to take some snapshots while getting to experience Sedona’s unique outdoor environment.

If you are in the mood for a more laid-back day at Cathedral Rock that engages the spirit, then several local yoga instructors offer sessions at various spots around the formation. Regardless of how you take in this natural marvel, you must see Cathedral Rock for yourself when making your way through Sedona. You might also have time to play golf in nearby courses. 

Uptown Sedona

If you are looking for a great place to do a little shopping and eating, then uptown Sedona is the destination that provides a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. For shoppers looking to get some authentic crafts from local artists, the area has several shops that offer a wide variety of choices to take home.

Another feature of the uptown area that makes it a place that locals and visitors alike enjoy is the great restaurants available to sample. Whatever cuisine you are in the mood for, whether it be gourmet and upscale or more contemporary and simple, you’ll find in uptown Sedona.

Finally, if you want to take one of the popular jeep tours of the area, uptown Sedona is where you’ll find the offices that the companies use as a starting point for all tours.

Oak Creek Canyon

In between Sedona and Flagstaff is the Oak Creek Canyon, another area where the dazzling rock formations and forests create a haven for spectacular scenery. Most travelers like to take a casual drive through the area that climbs through the elevated highway to capture the grandeur of the location.

Oak Creek Canyon is another popular spot for outdoor lovers who enjoy taking a hike as the canyon has multiple hiking trails at various degrees of difficulty. The nearby Slide Rock State Park features a naturally made rock waterslide during the summer that is a popular attraction.

Once you are in the Canyon, there are plenty of options for dining and fun adventures such as hot-air ballooning, jeep tours, and off-road riding in ATVs.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

One of the most beautiful human-made attractions in Sedona is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Completed in 1956, the Chapel stands tall among the red rocks of the Sedona area. The Chapel is visited by several million people annually and has become a beacon among visitors looking for more serene and spiritual activities while visiting Sedona.

The highlight of the Chapel from the outside is the 90-foot cross that stands as one of the pillars of the structure that has been built directly into the red rocks. Visitors are encouraged to enter the Chapel silently and appreciate the beauty of the architecture and the stunning views provided by the location atop the rocks.

Bell Rock

Rounding out our list is another natural rock formation, Bell Rock, that brings visitors from all over the world and is enjoyed by travelers who are ready to get out of the car, hop onto a bike and ride among the natural terrain or bring your adopted dog along. 

A short drive south of Sedona, Bell Rock has an elevation of 4,919 feet, but hikers and climbers only need to go up about 320 feet to hit the top of the formation. And the top of Bell Rock is why it is sought after among adventure enthusiasts because the peak of the rock provides the individual another spot to experience incredible views of the surrounding lands.


Whether you come to Sedona for adventure-centric experiences or creature comforts, the area is guaranteed to delight you with its vast offerings that engage the explorer in all of us.