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Learn from Sedona’s Vortex Pros

What is a Vortex?

Sedona is a perfect place for spiritual and personal enrichment of the body, mind and soul. One of the most frequently asked questions at our Visitors Center is ‘What is a Vortex?’. To answer this question in a true and uniquely understood capacity, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau reached out to six Chamber partners who specialize in vortex tours and metaphysical education. Whether you are a skeptic or a true believer, Sedona is powerful, energetic and special; perhaps due to the vortexes. Learn more reading some answers from the pros:

Michele Mattix, Sedona Meditation Experiences

The vortex energy in Sedona is something that must be felt by the heart. 

There is nothing to see with your eyes or touch with your hands. It is a mystery why the energy is here or exactly where it begins and ends so let go of your logical mind and get into your heart. 

Find a quiet spot on the red rocks, meditate and you will tap into the energy. You’ll feel it give you a gentle energetic boost, lighten your attitude, and help you more clearly “see” what is in your heart.

Pete Sanders, Free Soul Mind/Body Education

Vortexes are enhanced energy sites that make it easier to do prayer, meditation, mind/body healing or "outside the box" creative discoveries. They are not electric or magnetic but can be explained by the latest in Superstrings physics (see the Scientific Vortex Information video at the bottom of the Spiritual & Wellness page).

Part of what is special about Sedona is that the Vortex Meditation Sites are in view if the town, so people tend to get insights for how to "Live" their spirituality in daily life (as opposed to have to escape from life to the mountaintop).

Debra Stangl, Sedona Soul Adventures

After living in Sedona and working with her energies for over 20 years and having travelled many times to Egypt, Bali and Peru to experience those energies – I believe that these are places around the world where the God energy (or the energy of the Universe or of All That Is, or whatever you want to call it) literally comes onto the planet and is brought onto the planet. In addition to that, the Sedona energy is the energy of transformation -- the veils are thinner here and whatever you bring to Sedona is magnified and amplified. Thoughts, feelings, vibrations, whether positive or negative, will be more greatly enhanced and intensified on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Sedona is unlike any other place on Earth and that’s why people can have such amazing transformations here in such a short period of time.

Irina and Danil, One Tribe Tours

A vortex is a place with a strong energy flow. There are many different types of vortex sites throughout the world. Sedona is one of the most powerful ones.

What is the best way to explore vortex energy? Your body is the best antenna. Relax and “listen” to your body when you get to a vortex site. It is important to have no expectations. If you are expecting to feel Vortex energy a certain way your mind is very likely to filter out a lot of what you feel.

Different vortex sites in Sedona have a unique energy quality. They all feel different. Feeling euphoric, peaceful, and uplifted or emotional is quite common.

Ron McLain, Secret Mountain Tours

Vortexes are simply concentrated places of energy. Any concentration of energy can be called a vortex. But when we talk about the Sedona vortexes, we are discussing a different level. These vortexes are formed by the Earth, for its own purposes and in its own geological time. We can find them and use their energy for what we want to accomplish. But they are not about us, but we can use the power. You might see the ley lines as the nervous system of the Earth and where they cross is where the vortexes are located. Our language is rather limited when it comes to describing things that cannot be physically detected. So, we simply say this energy is different than this other energy which is different from the two combined. We can call them: 

Electric, Magnetic or Electro-Magnetic or Male, Female and Androgynous. Just to identify one from another. We also create a vortex when we build a home. We assemble energy in the form of wood, concrete, paint and furniture. When finished it has a certain feeling about it, and everything you bring into that vortex changes the energy. That's what Feng Shui is about. Tuning the energy of your vortex. Over here we call it, Interior Decoration.

Crystal StarrWeaver, Sedona Spirit Journeys and Vortex Tours

A Vortex is an enhanced energy location within a geological structure that opens the senses, heart, mind, and soul.  For thousands of years, indigenous people could feel the “heartbeat of the sacred land of the red rocks” currently called Sedona that has been created through the sands of time. The effects are seen in the nature, trees, animals, weather, clouds, sands, and water as they swirl in vortex patterns.  

The vortex mystery draws you into a mixture of the iron enhanced red rocks, electro-magnetic energies from ley-lines of mother Earth, positive ionic exchanges, frequencies and vibrations, crystalline energies, nature, feminine/masculine attributes, and the spectacular wonderment of how it has been form from Sedona’s ocean connections. 

As you experience the Center of a Vortex, it brings a sense of peace and serenity that is inspiring, uplifting, and enlightenment. Whatever your beliefs of a vortex are, Sedona carries mystical magical energies that calls people from around the world to experience her uniqueness and discover the vortex within their heart.                

Learn more about Sedona’s spiritual and metaphysical side by visiting SedonaSpiritual.com.