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Bring Your Pet on a Sedona Vacation

What happens when a lifelong pet lover who built a successful career in the pet care and food industry decides to open a small luxury hotel in one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S.? Visit El Portal Sedona Hotel here in Sedona, Arizona to find out – and be sure to bring along your pet.  

Sedona, Arizona lies in the heart of one of the most captivating regions of the Southwest, surrounded by jaw-dropping red rock formations and towering canyon walls. Beyond the beauty of the city, Sedona is also extremely pet friendly--full of pet-friendly cafés, attractions, and hiking trails that allow visitors and their furry friends to explore the area’s stunning scenery. "Sedona is a leading vacation destination for pet owners," says our intrepid owner, Steve Segner. "At El Portal, we treat pets like they are family--yours or ours.”

El Portal Sedona Hotel is known for being a pet-friendly boutique hotel. Yes, it is mainly dogs that have walked or scampered through our doors, but did you know we have had a wide variety of pets stay with us? 

There have been kangaroos that have hopped around the courtyard. Kangaroo You Tube Video Link We had a monkey visit us once--that was a particularly entertaining visit! Cats and kittens have joined their owners on vacation here, and guests have brought their birds, pet rats, and even a pot-bellied pig! The hotel has its own treasure trove of hotel pets. We have Dexter and Oliver the Basset Hounds, Milo the Great Dane/Mastiff mix, Peanut the sweet black cat that fell off the roof garden, and of course we now have Rice and Crispies – our parakeets!

Once, a Great Dane regally entered the hotel, but by the time he had finished meeting Steve, they were rubbing noses. We had a very important guest join us for a visit and brought their pet bird. One morning the girls were cleaning the room, and well, the bird had been let out of its cage for a “free flight” and scared the girls so badly they had to go back later to finish the job! Not to be outdone, our parakeets love to dance to “sultry jazz” and get a little impish!

And it’s not just the pets themselves that bring a smile to our faces; it’s what their humans bring for them. We had a guest fill the luggage cart with pet in boxes – filled it – a LUGGAGE cart! We had another guest bring a device that spat out dog biscuits! One person actually brought a doggie monitor, but that was great, because when the dog was upset and about to cause a ruckus – they were already on the ball!

So if you’re looking for pet-friendly hotels in Sedona, Arizona, look no further--El Portal is the place to stay. With no pet fees, a welcome basket of goodies, and fenced private patios, we have you covered! Call 1.800.313.0017 or click to reserve you pet-friendly room