3 Best Holes for Anglers in Sedona

3 Best Holes for Anglers in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona may be a desert town, but you’ll be surprised at the excellent fishing opportunities there are in the area if you know where to look. 

Arizona’s lakes and rivers hold 27 different species of fish! Not all of those will be found in the waters you fish in Sedona, but you’ll find an exciting variety wherever you choose to cast your line. 

Whether you’re a local angler or a visitor looking for an angling opportunity, a newbie or a seasoned fisherman, these three holes for anglers in Sedona should be on your fishing list. 

#1: Oak Creek 

Oak Creek is a perennial stream, which means you can fish it year round. It’s one of Sedona’s most popular fishing holes. It flows through Oak Creek Canyon, which is known for its spectacular scenery. 

You may be able to catch a trophy trout using a floating fly or nymph. Be aware that you’re not allowed to use bait or lures in glass containers. 

If Oak Creek is where you plan to fish, it’s a good idea to book accommodation close by. Have a look at Orchard Canyon, Briar Patch Inn or Oak Creek Terrace Resort. Alternatively, you can camp at one of the nearby camping grounds. 

#2: Verde River 

You’ll stand a chance of catching bass, trout, chub and catfish all year round in the Verde River. It’s also known for its amazing bird life, so keep an eye in the skies as well. 

The river is stocked at various locations. One of the best areas along the river is at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. You’ll be able to fish the river and two  lagoons. 

The Verde River is a great spot for RVers. Stay at the Verde Ranch RV Resort, and after a long day on the water you can grab dinner at Shadow Rock Tap + Table. Try their prickly pear lemonade with the Butcher Block Bacon and Bison Meatloaf for a meal you won't forget. 

#3: Sedona Rainbow Trout Farm 

This is the ideal spot to fish if you’re looking for a fun, relaxed day out with the family—including your dogs. If you’re teaching your kids to fish, the Rainbow Trout Farm is a great place to start. 

You don’t need a fishing licence and you’ll find all the equipment you need at the farm. You will need to pay for what you catch, and you can either take it home or cook it right there. They have BBQ grills and you can buy a grill kit to cook it to perfection. 

Perfect for a fun and easy day out with the whole group, meal included! 


If you’re planning to fish while you’re in Sedona, remember you’ll need a valid fishing licence. While fisher boys and girls under the age of 10 won’t need one, everyone else can obtain a licence online or from a local dealer—it’s a good idea to do this before you arrive in Sedona.

Whether you’re after trophy game fish or your next meal, you’ll find it in Sedona! Happy fishing!

For additional information, please read Fishing in the Verde Valley.

Guest Blog by Kenneth Reaves.