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Summer Fun

No matter what your summer agenda involves, it waits for you in Sedona.

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People flock to the Sedona area for many reasons—most notably the jaw-dropping scenery. In the summertime, however, many have one thing on their minds: cooling off. Located 230 miles north of Tucson, and 30 miles south of the Flagstaff peaks, Sedona’s mild four-season climate and high desert terrain assure good year-round weather for vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts.

When it comes to the Sedona expanse, the red rocks are the stars of the show. The sun-kissed buttes are dramatically enhanced by their supporting cast of forests and streams, which completes the visual splendor and feature the primary elements for an old-fashioned cool summer getaway.

Starting at Grasshopper Point, bracketed by small waterfalls and guarded by a clutch of graceful Arizona sycamores, the stream gathers in a blue-green pool 50 feet wide at the base of a terraced cliff. Swimmers can make a straight plummet into the deep blue for one of the first cool-off spots.

Just a few miles north of Grasshopper Point sits one of the Southwest’s most legendary swimming holes, Slide Rock State Park. Adjacent to a lovely meadow and historic orchard, stone banks throttle the creek into a narrow chute creating a natural water ride. Most summer days you’ll find kids and grownups alike ping-ponging through the chute or cannonballing into deep gullies of the stream.

Guests can next venture to Crescent Moon Picnic Area, better known as Red Rock Crossing. Catching the iconic image reflected in the water is one of the great photo ops in Arizona, perfect for summer vacation pictures families can remember for years to come.

Rounding out the day of swimming and creekside fun is a visit to Cathedral Rock, considered to be the site of a powerful vortex. Even those that don’t come for its spiritual charm find the creekside beaches at the base of Cathedral Rock to be worth the trip regardless.

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