Respect Red Rock Country | Visit Sedona, Arizona

Respect Red Rock Country

Your actions to sustain Sedona will define you.

These mighty stone cathedrals rise amidst a delicate ecosystem easily threatened by the millions so strongly drawn here in the first place.


Do Your Part By Acting Like a Local

Tourism is the most significant stressor on our environment and quality of life. As a visitor, you are essential to making  - and keeping - Sedona sustainable.  Please do your part to assure that Sedona will remain unspoiled and welcoming for generations to come.  

Before your arrival, we kindly ask you to please add your name to our Sedona Cares Pledge and commit to following the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. The Pledge and Principles include packing out trash, leaving nature as you found it, being courteous to others, honoring natural silence, respecting Sedona’s neighborhoods, staying on trails and more.  Doing your part is not difficult and makes a large contribution to our preservation efforts, allowing you to show your appreciation for the magnificent natural tableau of Red Rock Country.


Explore Sedona While Reducing Your Community-Wide Emissions

Sedona Secret 7 is an innovative approach that reveals lesser-known trails and locations throughout Red Rock Country. Sedona's Secret 7 allows visitors to spend more time outdoors revelling in natural beauty and connecting in a personal way to the landscape, far from crowds. 

Taking the Sedona Shuttle eliminates the question of whether or not you will get a parking spot. You can take the stress out of your trip and be sure that your hard work planning ahead and preparing won’t be sidetracked by a full parking lot. Spend the day hiking the shady trail leading from Dry Creek Trailhead, and know a ride is waiting for you when you finish the 6 mile out and back trip. The shuttle gives you more time to get out by spending less time in the car. According to the US Department of Energy, idling from personal vehicles wastes about 3 billion gallons of fuel a year, generating around 30 million tons of CO2. Cutting back on idling as you search for a parking spot helps to lessen this, and utilizing the Sedona Shuttle reduces our emissions even more by eliminating the need for us to drive to and from the trailhead. 


Do you love Oak Creek?

Join us this Spring and become an Oak Creek Caretaker!

With increased tourism and visitation, Oak Creek's unique ecosystem is being challenged like never before. The Sedona Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Oak Creek Watershed Council and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to continue promoting the ways that Leave No Trace makes a difference when we spend time outside.

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