Sedona Arizona Box-o-Maps

Our Box-o-Maps

A collection of maps for hiking, biking and equestrian use here in Sedona, Arizona.

Remember as you explore the Southwest sun can be INTENSE. Weather changes quickly and unexpectedly. Be prepare for extreme heat or cold, high winds, and sudden storms all in the same day.

  • Leave what you find - plants, rocks, artifacts, insects, and animals should be left wher eyou found them so that others can enjoy the discovery as well. Also, please do not stack rocks.
  • Respect wildlife - Keep your pets on a leash, and observe any wildlife from a distance. Never feed wild animals or thro rocks or other objects at them.
  • Leave no trace - pack out and dispose of any trash properly. Even "natural" waste such as apple cores and fruit peels should be carried out with you.
  • Stay on the trail - folw the rock carins, especially to fnd you way on slickrock areas.

Cockscomb Area Trails

Easy Breezy Trail

Hiline and Transept Trails

Western Gateway Trails, including Girdner and Centennial Trails

Red Rock Country Coconino National Forest Map

A good resource: Sedona Red Rock

And another:  Red Rock Country Recreation Maps by the USDA Forest Service