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The Ultimate Wellness Experience

3-Days / 2-Nights

By incorporating mindfulness into your meeting, you can increase productivity, engagement, brainstorming and creative thinking. Sedona has long been known as a destination for those seeking renewal and personal enrichment and Sedona meetings and events are no exception.

So what does it take to make a meeting a mindful meeting? A mindful meeting is built around an agenda that supports overall wellness of the mind and body.

Day 1

Maintain healthy eating

When attending a conference, it’s easy to stray from healthy eating habits. Start your meeting off on the right foot by offering attendees healthy options to refuel and reenergize. Sedona as a destination has been a pioneer in the healthy eating movement for years and our accommodation, restaurant and catering partners are no strangers to offering healthy options. Vegan, gluten free, pescatarian, vegetarian? We have it all! Enjoy organic coldpressed juices and housemade granola in the morning. For lunch, engage all your senses by snipping your own lettuce leaves fresh from the root at a tabletop salad bar.

Sedona offers a plethora of healthy food and beverage options to keep your participants feeling revitalized and happy.

Day 2

Encourage physical activity

Keep energy level strong and productivity maximized by incorporating exercise into your agenda! Whether it’s a short midmorning stretch break or a group mountain biking excursion, Sedona meetings offer options for all paces.

Our stunning mountain formations and ruggedly beautiful landscape offer the perfect canvas for outdoor exercise. Organize a group hike with one of our permitted guides or reduce stress levels with a group yoga session set to the backdrop of monolithic red rock spires.

Even a short 15 minute group walk around your hotel will increase energy levels and help to maximize attendee productivity.

Day 3

Nourish your body & soul

Sedona has an unrivaled reputation for spiritual and personal enrichment and this extends to our meetings and events options as well. Incorporate meditation breaks into your conference agenda to help your attendees refocus and maximize efficiency. Even a 10-minute mindfulness meditation can work wonders to help re-engage your attendees to the task at hand. Our partners offer varying methods of meditation from basic breathing techniques to sound healing. Our sales department can share more on which method would be ideal for your group.

Nourish your physical wellbeing by incorporating spa treatments into your complete meetings package at one of our many famous spas. Don’t have enough time for a full spa treatment? Set up portable massage chairs for quick but relaxing neck rubs.


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