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Voted Best one-day experience in Sedona

Sedona Vortex and UFO Tours

Aumara, your vortex tour guide, has been a spiritual teacher and coach for more than 30 years. She takes participants to the largest most beautiful vortexes here in Sedona and leads them through several meditations to clear and balance their vortex centers (known as chakras). During the tour, visitors will connect their chakras to the Vortex here in Sedona and learn about meditation and how to astral travel into higher dimensions to meet Spirit Guides and receive personal messages. Once the meditation is done at the masculine Vortex, guests will venture to a second location, the most awe-inspiring and stunning vortex here in Sedona. At this Vortex, Aumara performs another meditation to teach participants how to manifest their dreams. The Vortex tour is a two-hour tour, but can be extended to three hours if guests want more time on the land.

Join Anita for the best nighttime experience here in Sedona.  Sedona’s night sky is pure magic. As a certified dark sky city, guests will see thousands of stars with the naked eye and with the Night vision goggles provided during the tour, a million more stars become visible. Between the UFO sightings, participants will be taking in the beauty of our glorious stars. UFO activity is a constant nightly event here and using 3rd generation military goggles, the sky opens up with activity. Some nights you can even see the milky way with your bare eyes. Many people love just looking at the stars as well as seeing the UFO’s change their size, their speed, come to a stop and hover and then simply disappear. Anita has been in contact with the Star people her entire life and has more than 500 videos of UFOs and many pictures of the paranormal activity here in Sedona. Anita is a magnet for the UFO and paranormal and she has taken thousands of people out at night over the past 10 years to get their own videos of UFOs as well as pictures of orbs, nature spirits and all kinds of phenomenon. With Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours, participants will experience a night of fun and magic, never scary, so the whole family can enjoy the UFO tour.  
Call today to get your reservation on the calendar for Vortex by day and UFO by night…It will be the most memorable and well spent time here in Sedona. For questions, call Anita at 513-680-8810 or book online at See you Soon!



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