Tours, Kayaking and Tubing in Sedona with Verde Adventures
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Verde River Tours for Every Traveler

Flowing alongside the breathtaking landscapes of the high desert, the Verde River gracefully winds its way through limestone rocks and lush greenery.

As you embark on an exploration with Verde Adventures, you'll be captivated by the sheer beauty of the Verde River region, a tranquil haven just 30 minutes southwest of Sedona, providing the ideal environment for tubing, kayaking, paddleboarding and fun. This diverse waterway, renowned for its unique flora and fauna, invites exploration through six different tours, accommodating ages ranging from 3 to 93. Let's delve into the perfect tours for each type of traveler.


Top Tours for Solo Travelers

Find tranquility at your own pace on the Inflatable Kayak Adventure or the Pedal and Paddle to Wine Tour. The Inflatable Kayak Adventure offers a half-day, self-guided ride down the river in safe and stable kayaks that lend confidence and independence to paddlers. Embark on a scenic five-mile float down the wild Verde River until you reach Beasley Flats, where your waiting vehicle seamlessly completes your tour. For a seamless blend of activities, the Pedal and Paddle to Wine Tour combines cruising effortlessly on comfortable e-bikes, relishing award-winning wines at Alcantara Vineyards, and cooling off with a leisurely paddle down the refreshing Verde River. Mix excitement, relaxation and natural wonders for an unforgettable day in Sedona!



Top Tours for Couples

Take your romance to the river with the Water to Wine Tour or the Inflatable Kayak Adventure. Combine outdoor adventure with refined indulgence on the Water to Wine Tour. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is a fun way to celebrate a milestone or simply create memories that will last a lifetime. This trip begins with an enchanting and self-guided kayak trip down a scenic stretch of the Verde River to Alcantara Vineyards where you’ll indulge in an outdoor wine tasting at a private table. The Inflatable Kayak Adventure leads you on a scenic five-mile float down the wild Verde River with your companion. You can go at your own pace, stopping for photo opportunities, wildlife and sweet moments along the way.

Top Tours for Families

Picture this: You, your family and the cool embrace of the river as you leisurely float or paddle downstream. For family fun, try the Tubing Madness or Sporty & Sweet River Trips! Tubing is the easiest way to travel downstream and keep a family cool in the Arizona heat. Just sit back, relax and go with the flow. Play with water canons, ensuring no one gets bored or stays dry! Children 5 years and up are welcome to partake in a Tubing Madness trip. The Sporty & Sweet River Trip is perfect for your first introduction to river kayaking. Choose between three safe and stable boats: A spuddy kayak (for ages 7 - 12), a single kayak (for ages 13+), or a tandem kayak (for adults and children ages 3 - 12). Take to a scenic stretch of the Verde River with just enough baby chutes and riffles to add a bit of excitement without ruffling any feathers.


Top Tours for Groups

Organize a group trip on the river with ease. The two tours proven to bring groups together are Tubing Madness and the Water to Wine Tour. Group tubing offers an easy downstream float with water canons, culminating in a three-hour journey leading to Alcantara Vineyards where many groups choose to continue the fun. The Water to Wine tour is the most popular way to see the Verde River region, blending rejuvenation on the river with relaxation in the vineyard. Take an enchanting kayak trip down an exciting stretch of the Verde River right to Alcantara Vineyards where you’ll indulge in an outdoor wine tasting at your party’s table of choice. This tour takes the stress off of the planners for a day while Verde Adventures manages all of the details like equipment, shuttles, timing and reservations.


Top Tour for Winter Visitors

In the cooler months, opt for an electric bike and a day of scenic exploration in the Verde Valley on the Pedal to Wine Tour! Perfect for groups with varying fitness levels, e-bikes make longer distances and hills a breeze. Cruise through the picturesque Alcantara Vineyard with your expert guide, blending wine tasting with stories of local history, geology and the surrounding flora and fauna. The e-bike ensures an effortless ride for casual bikers, while experienced riders can dial down the pedal assist for a bit more exercise. Cap off the day with a delightful outdoor wine-tasting experience!

Seize the opportunity to unlock the spirit of the desert through these diverse tours with Verde Adventures. From solo serenity to a romantic rendezvous, family fun to winter wonders, summer splashes to group getaways, there's an activity for everyone. Now that you’ve discovered one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets, let Verde Adventures be your guide and book your excursion today!

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