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Two Galleries of peace, in a community of peace, in a city of peace™

We say when it comes to art, trust your heart. You have never seen anything like this before!

Our Gallery is a place of connectivity where we are creating art for your heart, home, office and body. Celebrating every first Friday from 5-8pm with new paintings, music and our poetry program “Words Falling From The Sky In The Present Moment, The Good News From Sedona!"
Join Us – You make a difference.

Nine Angels of the Desert

We celebrate Nature, Art, Science and their interconnectedness. We have our brands, the most important of which is ”When It Comes To Art , Trust Your Heart.” It’s about finding that which speaks to you and it’s about emotion. It’s not about collecting for collectings sake, but finding a piece that speaks to you then you might consider collecting it.

Our mission is to create a sacred space for our visitors by bringing the wholeness harmony and radiance of original art to the present moment.

Nature is in us and around us, especially in Sedona we live on the edge of great expanses of nature, inspiring creativity, peace and adventure. When we experience art we feel connected to something larger. Why? Some of the answers to art’s mysteries can be found in the realms of science. Although art is considered the domain of the heart, its transporting effects start in the brain where intricate systems perceive and interpret it with amazing speed.

The Sacred Space of the Treasures of Brother Raven

At Honshin Fine Art we believe that nature inspired art and art inspired science. Art is a symbolic language communicated through light, composition and color. When the symbols of a painting are combined with poetry, these symbols connect with each other and tell a story. Honshin Fine Art shows how, Nature, Art and Science provide the evolutionary symbols of the Soul and a pathway to awakening consciousness.

We love a story. A narrative conveys information from one person to another in an effective way and so does imagery. Art tells a story and that changes our state of being to a higher state of health. Physically the immune system gets stronger, psychologically the feelings of peace and connection to others increases and this improves our health.

Healing Journey of the Ascending Spirit

Art binds us all together and now we know there is a scientific relationship between art, the brain and healing. In the book The Age of Reason Eric Kandel, winner of the Nobel Prize for his work in neuroscience, explains the connectivity and healing properties from the perspective of science. There is an new field in medicine called neuroastheticsn which studies and shows how social connection is a key function of our brains and how this is related to good health and art. Art is healing.

The Wish Fulfilling Golden Koi on the Path of the Living Waters of Natures Heart

Honshin Fine Art Celebrating 50 years of Fine Art Experience. For the past two decades Honshin’s artwork has been coupled with the words and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh providing tools for peace throughout the world. We represent five Arizona artist of peace. They create with the energy of interconnectedness and joy – each has practiced their skills of creating masterful artwork professionally for at least 40 years.


Chalice of the Golden Moment