There are moments in life when everything changes… - Visit Sedona Blog

There are moments in life when everything changes…

HEALtours is transforming… Same Amazing Content, INCREDIBLE new Format & Pricing!

A HEALtour is an Incredible 5 Day Spiritual Retreat/Guided Tour of Sedona, AZ. *Morning Workshop, Lunch, & Afternoon Tour each day are ALL INCLUDED.

Hello my friends, this is Donna Ballenger, your HEALtours Guide. Do you crave deeper PURPOSE & MEANING in your life? Ache, for PROFOUND CHANGE? Know you are destined to SERVE in a greater capacity, but are unsure how?

I understand...

When I was diagnosed with cancer at 41, I wasn't afraid to die; I was afraid that I'd never truly lived... never made the difference I wanted to make. Back then, I thought I had to DO something BIG, but now I understand that healing ourselves and changing the world is about BEING LOVE in small, grace-filled ways.

Your life is right now. It will always be right now. It's not later...
…………….  when you finally find your purpose
…………………..  when love finally arrives
……………………….  when your body finally heals
……………………………  when you finally accept yourself

*Your life is never going to get better than it is right now, until you decide to make right now better.*

Please don't spend another year waiting for your life to truly begin...

Join me on your HEALtour NOW and make this the year...
……… you live every moment fulfilling your true life purpose
…………..  you stop searching for love, and become it
………………  you live so authentically your body must heal

You choose to let go of the struggle, and allow LOVE to become your vehicle of transformation...


** NEW HEALtours Format**

You plan your vacation, and I'll plan your transformation!  You book your lodging and meals (other than lunch), and I'll take care of the rest! This allows you to make your trip as economical or luxurious as you’d like!  Once you arrive in Sedona, your HEALtour will run in the following Mon. – Fri. format (Please see website for specific dates and INCREDIBLE NEW PRICING!):

9:30-11:30am - Transformative Morning Workshop at the gorgeous Creative Life Center

12:00 - 1:30pm - Delicious Lunch at Sedona's Incredible Restaurants

2:00 - 5:00pm - Amazing Guided Tour to Sedona's most healing destinations, supporting the day's workshop theme

S.M.I.L.E., you're only 5 days away from living your true life purpose, right now!
READINGS WITH DONNA BALLENGER (Please see website for full details):

In addition to HEALtours, I am also available to assist you with a READING when a moment arrives in your life and everything changes…  Whatever challenge you are facing, can be HEALED (experienced with newfound PEACE & UNDERSTANDING), by viewing it from the higher perspective of your Soul.

After deeply surrendering and receiving CANCER with LOVE & GRATITUDE, the skill to communicate consciously with Spirit Guides & Angels opened within me. Suddenly I had access to a level of guidance that allowed me the ability to look at any challenge in a person's life, and explain the spiritual significance. With profound gratitude, I watched people begin to HEAL. Readings are done online via email, anywhere you are in the world.

"Thank you so much for the reading! This information gives me a new lease on my life. I am so encouraged and uplifted with this guidance."  - Joan, CO

"OMG Donna, what a lovely and extensive reading! It's a very clear expression and sharing. I am very grateful for your offering and will definitely share you as a resource."  - Patricia, AZ

Whether with a HEALtour or Reading, it will be my deepest honor to SERVE YOU SOON.