The Red Rock OHV Conservation Crew: Improving Sedona Trails One Project at a Time

Improving Sedona Trails One Project at a Time

In 2021, the Red Rock OHV Conservation Crew (RROCC) was formed to help balance the right to recreate on public lands with the environmental stewardship, conservation of cultural heritage and care for resident quality of life required to ensure OHV access to national forests is sustainable.

RROCC is a coalition of private OHV/ATV businesses, Jeep rental and guided tour companies from Cottonwood, Sedona and Flagstaff, along with Tread Lightly!, a national nonprofit dedicated to ethical and responsible motorized recreation. RROCC also works in partnership with the Coconino National Forest Red Rock Ranger District, AZ State Parks, AZ Fish & Game, Yavapai County Sheriff and the City of Sedona Police and Sedona Chamber of Commerce. These OHV rental, Jeep rental and guided tour companies dedicate at percentage of sales to trail enhancement and rider education in the Greater Sedona area.


Since its inception, RROCC has completed projects in the area to help ensure sustainable access and educate local and visiting riders on how to Tread Lightly! on trails:


Project: Speed Signage Project in the Coconino National Forest: May 2022

New speed signs were installed in eight areas that were identified along FR 525, 525C and 152C related to speed and safety concerns. After nearly 6 months of working with the forest, appropriate signs were approved and are now in place.


Project: Kiosk Signage Project in the Coconino National Forest: May 2022
New kiosks were installed in the Coconino National Forest to bring improved motorized recreation education and stewardship activities to the area.


Project: Diamondback Gulch “Donut Hole” Fencing Project: May 2022

Over 1,000 feet of worm fence was installed at the infamous "Donut Hole" on the Diamondback Gulch trail near Huntley Tank. This area not only suffered topsoil destruction, erosion and water source contamination from motorized recreation driving off the designated trail, but also many OHV rollover injuries. The fence was placed to maintain the designated trail and allow the surrounding area to recover.

Project: “Big Hill” signage installation: August 2022
Signs were installed on the “Big Hill” on Diamondback Gulch which has had issues with people not using low range 4WD, and therefore spinning their tires and chewing up the hill. The signs also address those who encountered traffic coming downhill and couldn’t safely back down or get started uphill again.


Project: Outlaw Trail Rehabilitation: October 2022
Tread Lightly! and volunteers worked to close illegal routes in the Coconino National Forest to help rehabilitate damaged areas in the forest. Together 13 volunteers worked to restore 3.1 miles of trail and installed “Healing in Progress” signage to help direct riders to designated routes.