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The Photographer’s Guide to Sedona

Majestic red rocks, a beaming and glowing orange horizon that extends as far as the eye can see, and picturesque mountain ranges make Sedona, Arizona one of the most stunning places on Earth. The city, which is ranked one of the top twenty-five best destinations in the country, is home to a myriad of sights and activities for tourists to experience. From the legendary spiritual vortexes to the scenic cliff drives near Cathedral Rock, Sedona is filled with the most spectacular sights that'll make any photographer from amateur to professional feel like they are on cloud nine.

Whip Out Your Camera

Sedona is one of those places where all you want to do is get that perfect snapshot to share with loved ones, so come prepared with a camera in hand to capture it all. No doubt by the time you leave this place, your camera roll will be filled to the brim with stunning sights of the red rock region of Sedona. Upon returning home, you will want to create photo collages filled with fantastic views of the region, which is considered as the “Most Beautiful Place in America” by Good Morning America.

Most Picturesque Sights

Where to begin? One of the most photographed sights in Sedona is known as Cathedral Rock, states PlanetWare. The rock formation, which can be seen far away from Highway 179 or can be seen up close in person (some even venturing to scale the formation), is a classic red rock formation that will give you chills for its impressive stature. If you are adventurous enough to climb the formation, you’ll see miles and miles of killer views both east and west of you. Consider this vantage point for a panorama shot to share with loved ones.

One of the most talked about Sedona sights to see are what are known as the Vortexes. They are cyclones of energy that some believe to emit mythological sensations and make visitors feel the presence of something spiritual. While you might be wondering how one goes about photographing a vortex, they are scientifically believed to be a result of surrounding unique rock formations like Cathedral Rock. Besides Cathedral, find photo-worthy views and vortex energy at Bonton Canyon hiking trail and Airport Mesa. Even better is that on a hiking trail you get to photograph Sedona’s nature first hand - from stunning cliffs, unique flora and fauna, and desert wildlife.

When visiting the “most beautiful place on Earth,” don’t forget to pack your camera. You’ll want to relive these breathtaking oasis views until the end of time.

Guest blog submission by Sally Writes