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Serenity at a Sedona Vortex

Sedona has long been regarded as a place that is both sacred and powerful. Known for its majestic views and special energy, referred to some as vortices (vortex singular), Sedona offers locals and visitors a lifestyle that is conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration. Many believe that the vortex energy is found throughout Sedona, and special areas are amplified. People feel inspired, recharged, and uplifted after visiting a vortex. The experience is as diverse as it is personal.

Rachel Petty Lunt was one of the first to feel this special energy and spent her life sharing it with others. A remarkable woman, Rachel was a modern-day pioneer.

Rachel had a love of nature and particularly for the beauty of Sedona, Arizona. She found a realtor who took her to many locations throughout the Sedona area, but nothing seemed right. She was about to lose hope when her realtor took her to a very remote area up Dry Creek Road in West Sedona. When Rachel got out of the car, she saw the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. She knew “this was the place.”

In Rachel’s own words: “When I stepped onto the knoll, the vibrations took my breath away – and my strength, too. The view was spectacular. I felt I was looking into forever. The thought and feeling came: This magnificent view, this inspiration, should never belong to any one person; it should belong to everyone.”

Rachel continued to buy the surrounding land throughout her life. When all was done, she owned 28 lots comprising about 13 ½ acres.

Rachel recognized and honored the spiritual energy of the land. The land's energy is also felt by Native Americans in the region who have long considered it to be sacred. Many areas in Sedona were used for ceremonies and inspiration over the centuries.

It was important to Rachel to ensure that all people could partake in the beauty and heritage of the land. On Easter weekend in 1989, Rachel’s beautiful property was dedicated to humanity.

After Rachel’s death in 2001, the land was sold to Seven Canyon. Rachel’s Knoll continues to be a highlight on Sedona’s long list of “must-see” locations. It remains preserved for everyone's enjoyment, and Seven Canyons honors their role as caretakers.

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