Sedonuts in Sedona, Arizona awarded by Yelp

Sedonuts in Sedona, Arizona awarded by Yelp

Sedonuts in Sedona, Arizona awarded by Yelp as Top 100 Donut Shops in The U.S. and Canada

Red Rock Oreo, Maple Bacon, Blueberry Lemon and Bavarian Cream are just a few of the delicious, sweet treat flavors that you will find at Sedona’s only donut shop.

This one-of-a-kind business is home to the “Vortex,” a freshly baked cinnamon roll covered in cream cheese frosting and served with or without pecans. However, customers are raving about the decadent apple fritters which are their top sellers.

If we taunted you enough with these delectable donut flavors, it would behoove you to run right over and test them out for yourselves. Sedonuts is open Monday through Sunday 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. and closed on Wednesdays. They are located at 2370 W. State Route 89A.

Husband and wife owners, Paul and Lynette Gilkey are the perfect duo for this specialty business and together they are the yin to the other’s yang.

From Kansas City, their life took an unexpected turn during a road trip to Phoenix. Lynette had wanted to open an at-home healthcare facility and decided to attend classes in the Phoenix area. Upon their return home, the couple decided to make a pit stop in Sedona. As they drove back to Kansas City, the country began shutting down due to the pandemic and by the time they reached home, they began to reconsider their business plans.

On a whim, Paul began talking about opening a donut shop first as a joke and then he began looking for opportunities in Sarasota, Florida. However, Sedonuts popped up on their Google search and the rest is history.

By December, Paul and Lynette were moving to Sedona.

On Ground Hog’s Day, February 2, 2021, the Gilkey’s opened Sedonuts & Coffee. Every day before sunrise they mix the batter, prepare unique glazes and handcraft donuts the old-fashioned way, sourcing the highest ingredients in the process.

They make about 600 donuts per day in 40 different flavors and 1300 per day during Sedona’s busy season.

Ranking 38th in the country, Paul says that it’s how you make the donuts that make the difference. “We take pride in how we make our doughnuts. We clean our fryers. We have the right equipment. We just do everything like you're supposed to do. We do it right,” Paul says. “We don't cut corners.”

With attention to detail and good customer service, the Gilkey’s are focused on the community and agree that it’s the locals that keep them going. “I love the locals,” Lynette said.

Donuts bring back special memories as Lynette recalls her own childhood experience. “I grew up in a small town in Nebraska, so we didn't have a donut shop but we went to Casey's General Store which was a small gas station [and they had donuts]. My grandma would take me there — it was my only experience with donuts."

However, Paul has always had a fascination with donuts. His favorite donut shop is in Kansas City, and he tries to compare his glaze with theirs. “We've tried different recipes, but we haven't figured it out yet,” Lynette said. “That's his inspiration for the glazed donut.” Lynette says her favorite is the blueberry with lemon frosting and of course the apple fritter.

Hands down, Sedonuts sugary fried dough is definitely a fan favorite.

Afterall, who doesn’t love donuts?

Make a point to stop by Sedonuts, pick out your favorites, order a dozen, share them with friends, family and coworkers, and create your very own Sedonut memory.

Insider’s Tip: Visit Sedonuts & Coffee early to beat the crowds and get the best selection. Choose from glazed and frosted donuts, Red Velvet, Cinnamon Sugar, Sprinkles, Toasted Coconut and an assortment of other flavors. They also serve gluten-free donuts. The coffee is organic and is and is an exclusive blend created by a local coffee roaster. Sedonuts has become a favorite place to create your very own “Sedona Memories,” for both locals and visitors alike.

Sedonuts & Coffee

2370 W State Route 89A, Unit 6

Sedona, Arizona 86336


Monday 6am - 12pm
Tuesday 6am - 12pm
Thursday 6am - 12pm
Friday 6am - 12pm
Saturday 6am - 12pm
Sunday 6am - 12pm
(or until sold out)


photo of Carol Kahn, Communications Manager for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau

Carol Kahn, Communications Manager for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau