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Sedona’s Newest Adventure: Destination Jeeping

Sedona is not great because it is a single beautiful place…Sedona is great because it is made up of “100’s of beautiful places” within a single destination. Unlocking this plethora of beauty is the key to experiencing the greatness of this destination.

Over the past 9 years, The Hike House has helped over 500,000 guests find the perfect trail based on their “abilities and desires.”  This free service has been key for many guests as they look to experience the best this destination has to offer.

Take the Road Less Traveled

As the popularity of Sedona has grown over the past decade, we are starting to experience crowded trailheads. Much of this crowding occurs at the most popular “front country trailheads” (Cathedral, West Fork, Devil’s Bridge, Bell Rock, Soldiers Pass).  While these “front country trails” are worthy of a great experience…Sedona has so much more to offer.

As someone who has hiked all of the trails in Sedona, I can tell you that outside of these 5 trails there is a whole other world of “hiking greatness” that exists. With over 400 miles of hiking trails, Sedona is America’s Dayhiking Capital. For most, hiking and solitude go “hand in hand.” We find that the most pleasurable hiking experiences occur when the stillness and solitude of nature surround you.

Taking Hiking to the Next Level

As we help guests experience the best of Sedona, we are very intentional in dispersing them throughout our great trail system. However, there are limitations to where most guests can travel due to the ruggedness of our terrain.

On any given day, there will be in upwards of 200-400 people hiking out to and experiencing Devil’s Bridge. While a great destination, it does not allow for the “stillness and solitude” of nature that many people desire while hiking.  In contrast, Vultee Arch Trail may see as few as 2 to 10 hikers per day due to its location. Most guests to Sedona will never experience the greatness of this trail due the extreme nature of this 4x4 Forest Road (FR152).

Vultee Arch serves as a great example of a great backcountry trail experience that many will never get to experience because they simply do not have the means to travel down such a road.  What if there was a way to “unlock the best of Sedona’s backcountry” trail system? What if guests could “go where few go” and experience the “stillness and solitude” of nature without the crowds? There are so many more great experiences in Sedona…and now there is a way to experience them through Jeep rental + Short Hikes.

Jeeping + Short Hikes= Sedona’s Best Experience!

Destination Jeeping (Definition): The process by which you unlock the best a destination has to offer while utilizing “best in class” Jeeps to get there. (Note: Ideal for beginners!)

All too often we see guests rent an ATV/Jeep and go drive in circles out on the Forest Service roads.  Renting a Jeep is only 50% of the equation as you look to experience the best of Sedona.  The other part of the equation, and really the most important, is having the right guidance and GPS equipment to truly unlock the hidden gems of the area.

In order to take hiking and Sedona Jeep rental to the next level, we produced a 60 page “Jeep Experience Guide” that showcases 30 unique experiences around Sedona. Additionally, we introduced “In-Jeep” GPS software with 50 pre-sets that navigate you to the unique these experiences.

So if you are looking to have the most unique Sedona experience that combines Jeep Rental + Short Hikes then this new adventure will provide you with the most dynamic Jeeps in Sedona coupled with a unprecedented level of guidance. For more information for Sedona Jeep Rental (Daily/Weekly)