Sedona Yoga Festival Emerges to Imagine for Its 10-Year Anniversary

The Sedona Yoga Festival celebrates 10 years April 27–30, 2023.

Discover Sedona’s premiere mindfulness event with yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, kid’s yoga, kirtan, mindful lectures, conscious marketplace, and more — for all bodies and levels of experience.

The Sedona Yoga Festival has long been at the forefront of conversations that propel the yoga community forward, and this year will be no different. As we all emerge from the liminal space created by global events of the last few years, we collectively have the opportunity to co-create something new: something that provides the foundation for transformation, so that we may imagine what our world can become. Tickets on sale now!

“How can our individual evolution relate to our collective evolution? How may we show up as love-in-action to create a beautiful, just, abundant, and equitable human society? This is what we intend to explore at SYF2023: Emerge to Imagine,” says Co-Founder and Producer Heather Sanders.

Bringing together more than 77 world-renowned and local presenters, SYF is a cornucopia of mindfulness, with asana, meditation, kirtan, kid’s yoga, Ayurveda, mindful lectures and more for all levels of experience and interest. The SYF Programming Team, led by San Francisco-based yoga instructor, mentor, and community leader Danni Pomplun, is curating a unique event to remember that will expound upon the magic of Sedona’s energetic red rock landscape and ripple into the community at large.

“Festival spaces are a terrific experience of what human collaborative intention can produce,” says Programming Team member Indy Rishi Singh. “I’m hoping for an emergent experience of yoga that embodies the values, virtues and ethics of it, and that both guests and the presenters/performers/facilitators learn new ways to bring those virtues and ethics to their respective communities once they leave the festival.”

Presenters include celebrated senior teachers as well as inspired professionals doing the day-to-day work of bringing yoga into the world. SYF takes pride in finding amazing teachers that are not always drawn to the festival circuit and curating a program unlike any other, where each attendee may plan their four-day experience from the 150+ offerings available on the schedule.

Though there is much at SYF for absolute beginners, over the past 10 years SYF has become known as an “influencer’s event,” with special opportunities for yoga and wellness professionals to deepen their experience and network. Unique to SYF is a 20-hour Trauma-Informed Yoga Training, open to all yoga instructors, professionals, and those who may work or share in the mindfulness space. This year, the training will be led by Diana Cantu-Reyna and Manmeet Rattu.

Another unique offering to SYF are On-The-Land experiences, which invite participants to take their practice out into the natural beauty of Sedona with seasoned local guides. “The powerful vortex landscape of Sedona amplifies the effects of the practice, especially when we all practice together over a series of days,” says Sanders. “It is uplifting, inspiring, and revealing in that way.” Some of these On-The-Land experiences are deep dive Immersions, which invite participants to go deep in a multi-hour course.

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