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Sedona Retreats for Renewal - A time to heal….

Are you feeling called to the awe inspiring beautiful red rocks of Sedona?

Do you feel like the stress of the last two years has taken a toll on you?  Do you need focused support in person?  Are you searching for answers around your health?  Have you tried getting yourself back to the balanced state you used to have but find yourself unable to do it on your own?   Are you in dire need of a break from work or other stressful circumstance? 

Time and time again, I have seen major illnesses follow times of extreme stress.  It is important to get out of this high stress state to support your health.  This retreat is intended to reset the body’s functioning and support patients into a calmer parasympathetic state.  The parasympathetic state is the calm state in the body where the healing happens and the body optimally functions.  Supported by the idyllic beauty of Sedona and with a team of gifted practitioners, I encourage you to find your balance, get a baseline of your health with a diagnostic workup, find peace with acupuncture, massages and possible yoga and meditation.  Leave with a new perspective on what you need for your health and a calmer more resilient baseline…. 


Taking time off from daily routines and setting time for healing can help remap the brain and create new habits of self-care.  An assessment of your hormones and nutritional baseline can be a guide to create an individualized plan to meant to balance you and optimize your health. 


What are your health goals?  The empathetic and supportive team at Sedona Holistic Medicine is happy to support you.  Do you need a break from where you live to figure out your next steps in life?

During your stay in Sedona, you can stay at one of the many hospitable bed and breakfasts, hotels or air bnb’s in near vicinity to the clinic.  The clinic is centrally located next to Whole Foods.


Call Sedona Holistic Medicine at 928-862-2914 to schedule your retreat for renewal….


“I felt that Dr. Rubiales was so compassionate and understanding when I was in one of the worst times of my life, and she made me feel like she really cared about my wellbeing beyond appointments.


In times of turmoil, I would highly recommend Dr. Rubiales and her program to help you with the support and help you need to recover.”   Amie


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