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ReNEW Your Wellness in Sedona’s Vortexes

In these challenging times, enhancing your wellness; mentally, physically, and spiritually, is essential. Even before the current circumstances, many visitors came to Sedona to renew their spirit and increase their well-being. Toward that end, Sedona’s famous Vortex Meditation Sites have been of particular interest to those seeking a deeper renewal, in addition to the positive effects of hiking and nature. Those benefits ARE still available for all seeking relief.

For over 40 years, Sedona resident and M.I.T. Honors Graduate, Pete A. Sanders Jr., has shared Scientific Vortex Information teaching practical methods for getting the most out of your visit to Sedona’s special sites and knowing which locations will best serve your needs.

As Sedona returns to welcoming visitors in a Sedona Safe.Clean.Ready manner, Mr. Sanders also wants seekers to have access to that information, as safely as possible. Now, instead of sitting in a confined theatre or a live presentation, you CAN have the Scientific Vortex Information 49-minute film downloaded directly to your smartphone and/or computer through

The film also includes mediation techniques for rapidly reducing stress and lowering blood pressure that BOTH assist in tapping Sedona’s Vortex sites, and can be used at home when returning to challenges there. That way you can go beyond feeling relief in Sedona during your visit, to “Sustainable” Wellness that can serve as Sedona’s gift to you for the rest of your life.