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Pet-Friendly Sedona in the Summer

Sedona is a four-season playground for you and your pooch! We’ve put together a list of pet-friendly lodging, attractions and restaurants to enjoy together!

But, before you decide to bring your best friend to Sedona in the summer, please understand that it may be hot for them!

The average temperature in Sedona during the summer is 97F during the day and 66F at night.

If the daytime temperature outside is 80F, black pavement can reach 125F! A good rule of thumb is to place the back of your hand firmly on the ground on which you want to walk your pets for 15 seconds. If it is too hot for you, it will be too hot for your pets’ paws. You can also take off your shoes and try to walk barefoot. The pads of dog paws are not much thicker than our feet, so if it hurts you it will hurt them.

The same temperature increases apply to leaving your dog in your car on a hot day. On a 70F day, after 30-minutes, the inside of a car will reach 104F. In Arizona, according to the Arizona Revised Statute – Criminal Code 13-2910, leaving your dog in a car is a considered to be reckless and cruel treatment. In other words, don’t do it!

A few alternatives for hot Arizona days are to choose to play in the morning or in the evening, avoiding direct sunlight. Always bring extra water for your pet. Every time you drink water, they should have the option to drink water too. You can also get your pooch a wax-based cream that when applied before a walk will protect their paws from hot pavement, sand and rocks. Booties are also available for added protection.

Sedona has 300+ miles of trails, all of which welcome dogs. Always remember to keep your dog on a leash and to clean up after your pet. The ‘pack it in pack it out’ rule applies to dog poop.

Happy trails!