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In Search of Something Spiritual in Sedona

Many people visit Sedona looking to experience “something spiritual” while they are here.

It may be a group of best friends, a couple celebrating an anniversary or a solo traveler, and they may be in search of deepening their spiritual connection, experiencing the energy of a Vortex, healing past or current trauma or looking to find their authentic selves. It really doesn’t matter who is searching or for what reason, Sedona delivers… perhaps not always what is expected but almost always what is really needed. 

The work of energy healers, spiritual teachers and light workers is probably one of the most rewarding in the world. Being able to assist in the personal transformation and healing process - Body, Mind & Spirit - of so many people coming to Sedona is truly a blessing. It is truly gratifying work to be a part the transformational journey. As a spiritual seeker, the moment the healing journey is fully owned and committed to, that is the moment that the real transformation starts to take place. The light workers are simply your guides. Essentially, when someone feels empowered to be in charge of their own lives, that is when truly miraculous manifestation and healing occurs. When you make the commitment to yourself in the interest of your own well-being and you actually dive into booking that appointment or experience and really open yourself up to experiencing a spiritual connection or healing energy or Sedona’s vortexes, your life can only change for the better. In experiencing who you truly are as a spiritual being having a physical existence, your own uniqueness, your gifts and abilities, your life purpose, you will step into your best possible life in alignment with why you are really here on Earth - in this life - with these people.

Sedona always delivers.

Life-Changing Beliefs for the Spiritual Seekers

For the spiritual seekers there are some wisdom teachings of spiritual awakening and life transformation in the form of beliefs. After all, beliefs are the foundation on which you and your life is formed. What can changing your beliefs bring you? Learning to feel at Peace and not struggling with the small stuff. Of course, you are still human, which means struggle is still available as a choice at each moment. But, deep down you can always come back to these beliefs, and they make all the small stuff really small.

These are the five life-changing beliefs that can help you as a spiritual seeker, whether you are doing it in Sedona or on your journey elsewhere:

1. You are Pure Energy: You are more than a physical body, mind, intellect, personality and spiritual being, and you need to experience it to really believe it. Often, we find ourselves blocking our own energy, not being in the flow, and saying “I have no energy”. Instead of looking externally to yourself, the key is to go inside and look internally. External energy is limited, but internal energy is unlimited. Also, it will help to fully understand yourself and not run from it. Ask yourself: How do I use this energy?

2. You are Unique: How other people are going through things does not apply to you. You don’t have to meditate. This means that the one-stop shop, any school or person who tells you that there is only way to achieve inner peace doesn’t get you. You need to create your own way, be your own advocate of your life. So, how do you do that? Take the time and explore different views, models, and concepts in an experiential safe and sacred space. And, then choose what feels right for you.

3. You have Strong Intuition & Superhuman Abilities: What for many are considered “superhuman” abilities are in fact innate, natural qualities that you were born with. Many people believe that it is only the healing arts professional who has these types of abilities. In fact, you too have the ability to access these. If you learn to experience them again, you will create a deeper and more expanded sense of being, begin to believe in your superhuman talents, and create a path to well-being in your life.

4. You have Essential Innate Qualities: Believing and learning about the essential innate qualities that you brought into this life is a key step in the process of spiritual awakening. Your essential, innate, natural qualities will help you align yourself with your life purpose and manifest your life. It will help you experience your true self.

5. You have Awareness beyond Consciousness: You have perception beyond your body, your cognitive, rational, logical, mental, reason, personality, ego self, your spiritual self. It is simply “being” and is truly source energy.

What can these beliefs bring you? 

When you connect with the belief that you are pure energy, you are able to energize yourself from within, totally independent from all that is going on around you. 

When you connect with the belief that you are unique, you free yourself from all internal judgment. 

When you connect with the belief that you have strong intuition & superhuman abilities, you allow yourself to trust in yourself and the world around you. 

When you connect with the belief that you have essential innate qualities, you allow yourself to be seen. 

When you connect with the belief that you have awareness beyond consciousness, you are at once at peace and powerful… with no contradiction.

Melina Fuhrmann of SpiritFlow Sedona is a Spirit Mentor, Energy Healer and Energy Consciousness Teacher based in Sedona. She works with clients in over 70 countries, offering spiritual experiences to spiritual seekers. Included in her services are Chakra Balancing, Reiki Healing, Brennan Healing Science, Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Couple’s Energy Healing in the Salt Room, Meditation Classes, Mentoring and Training, Spiritual Counseling, and many classes to learn about energy healing and spiritual growth for yourself.


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