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Finding Inspiration in Sedona

From its majestic red sandstone formations to sweeping desert landscapes, it’s little wonder that Sedona has gained a name for itself as a spiritual site.

The area has long been considered Sacred by Native American tribes, and these days is a popular destination for New Agers looking for a transformative experience. Sedona’s almost otherworldly landscape is believed to emanate a mystical power attracts so many guests during tourist season that it’s not uncommon to see the town’s population double in size. Here are some of Sedona’s top spiritual sites that attract artists, musicians, and others seeking inspiration.

Airport Mesa

This rock formation is named for its proximity to Sedona's small airport, and guests can reach the site with just a five-minute drive down the road. Multiple hiking trails offer panoramic views of the vast red landscape. Airport Mesa is one of four rock formations in Sedona thought to be home to a power vortex that gives off strong masculine energy. It's thought that energy from the vortex can help visitors to access their inner eye for a life-changing spiritual experience.

Bell Rock

Like Airport Mesa, Bell Rock is thought to house a masculine power vortex. Visitors report experiencing enhanced feelings of spiritual strength and confidence around the area. This majestic rock formation has hiking trails that visitors can follow to make their way to the top safely.

Boynton Canyon

Unlike other formations in Sedona, the vortex at Boynton Canyon is said to emanate both masculine and feminine energies. Hiking trails in this area cut through lush growth and unique natural architecture that make it as popular a spot for outdoor enthusiasts as it is for spiritual thrill-seekers. You can also experience the ancient history of the land first-hand by visiting several Sinagua cliff dwellings that are hundreds of years old.

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock gets its name from its unique silhouette against the desert skyline, reminiscent of a cathedral. The area is said the host a power vortex that gives off feminine energy, also known as magnetic energy. This helps visitors to relax, making it easier to connect with their inner selves.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

This Catholic chapel is a popular destination among visitors of every faith for its picturesque setting and spectacular views. The chapel is built directly into the rock bed below it, making it seem almost a part of the landscape. You can come here to enjoy the weather high up in the cliffs surrounding Sedona, or you can seek religious and spiritual inspiration from the unforgettable views.

Sedona has long been considered a spiritual site thanks to its power vortexes and energy fields. New Agers from around the globe come here to experience the raw natural power of Sedona’s vortexes and to enjoy the region’s unique landscape. The next time you’re looking for a spiritual escape, you should consider visiting the hills and valleys of Sedona.

This article was contributed by Sally Mercer.