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Explore Sedona & Northern Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is acclaimed as one of most beautiful places in America and some say it is the most beautiful place on earth in so many ways. Sedona is the playground for over 3 million visitors annually. The mild seasons, outstanding scenery, clean air, artistic appeal, spiritual allure and endless recreational opportunities make Sedona an ideal vacation destination.

In addition to Sedona’s extraordinary beauty and charm, the surrounding region offers so many intriguing things to see & do. Visiting Sedona and Northern Arizona is a must for world travelers of all ages.  Easy day trips from Sedona may include several National Monuments, State Parks, a Ghost Town, Native American Archeological sites, Museums, an Observatory, the magnificent Grand Canyon and many other wonderful attractions. It is quite common for vacationers to spend several days exploring Sedona and the nearby region while visiting.

One of the best ways to learn about what to see & do while on a Sedona vacation is by utilizing “EXPLORE SEDONA & NORTHERN AZ”, Sedona’s #1 ranked free Smartphone Travel App.  Brought to you by Red Rock TV, Sedona’s original visitor oriented TV channel since 1998, this app includes all the information needed to plan a trip, then utilize it as a guide while visiting. The app is organized from the point of view of the visitor staying in Sedona.   

The "EXPLORE SEDONA & NORTHERN AZ" App is a full-featured travel guide designed for your Apple or Android Smartphone or tablet.  You can access a large variety of information, photos and videos on every popular subject for vacationing in the region. Interactive GPS maps indicate current location and voice directions guide you to the point of interest selected. Additional information including phone numbers, website URL's, text and social media links deliver all the information you need.

Arizona communities featured are Sedona, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome, Flagstaff, Williams, and the Grand Canyon. All popular travel categories are included... sightseeing, lodging, dining, spas, tours, hiking, biking, fishing, golf and many more. 

“EXPLORE SEDONA & NORTHERN AZ” is very intuitive and easy to use. Find it in your app store by using search term “Sedona”.  It is the first free Sedona app that typically comes up and is ready to download. Or you can visit the website Sedona.tv/app/ for direct download links.

Please download today and enjoy exploring Sedona & Northern Arizona!