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Explore Meditation in Sedona

by Michele Mattix

Sedona is the perfect place to do a bit of spiritual exploration. The beauty of the red rocks, the harmony of nature and the mystery of the desert all call to your spirit to awaken, expand and shine. Whatever spiritual exploration means for you, one tool that nearly everyone can benefit from is meditation.

Sinking into your inner self and quieting the busyness of the mind helps to get you out of your everyday reality of to-do lists, deadlines and worries. The stress of these concerns can wear you down. Meditation helps you reconnect with the true you – the you that marvels at the beauty of nature, welcomes the fluttering sensations of a happy heart, and has access to deep wells of inner wisdom.

The red rocks of Sedona seem like they were custom created to be meditated upon. Whether you want to climb to the top of Cathedral Rock, perch on the ledges around Airport Mesa, dangle your feet in the water of Oak Creek, or sit under the fragrant desert trees, Sedona has no shortage of gorgeous places to meditate.

Whether you are brand new to meditation, have a regular practice going, or are somewhere in between, taking the time to learn more about meditation and deepening your practice will not only help you get the most out of your time among the red rocks, it will also help establish or rekindle a meditation practice you can take back home with you to help manage stress and keep you connected to your true inner self.  

Meditation is like a gateway practice for other well-being modalities. It helps you turn your awareness inward. This ability is key for just about any type of inner work from letting go of tension during a massage, to having a-ha moments of insight about yourself, to transforming old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you into more supportive ones. It all begins with inner awareness.

If meditation is on your list of spiritual activities to explore in Sedona, here are few tips to help you get the most of your experience.

  • Keep in mind that Sedona energy is powerful. There is something very special about Sedona that goes beyond the other-worldly red rock scenery. Spiritual seekers have long come to Sedona to tap into the energy here. It is an energy that helps lift your spirit to soar and it is particularly helpful for any sort of inner work, like meditation. Many people say their meditations in Sedona are some of the best they’ve ever experienced. You will likely find it easier to meditate in Sedona or that your meditations go deeper.
  • Meditate outside. From the playful red rocks to the gurgling Oak Creek, the beauty and harmony of nature is supreme in Sedona. Immersing yourself in this beauty and harmony speaks to your being on a fundamental level. You can’t help but sink into deep peace when you mindfully tune into the sensations of the warm sunshine and gentle breezes, the gentle songs of desert birds, and the tantalizing scents of sage, pinyon and perhaps desert rain in the air.
  • Work with a professional. If you’ve never worked with a professional meditation instructor, then you’re probably missing out on the full experience. A good meditation teacher will help you find the technique(s) that work best for you, share valuable tools for navigating beyond your busy mind, and ignite your meditation with a spiritual spark. You will be guided through meditations specially designed to relax your body, quiet your mind, ground your energy and open your heart, while having a kind presence hold space just for you.

Whether your trip to Sedona includes a taste of mindfulness or you want to do a deep dive retreat into meditation, your spirit will soar like a hawk above the red rocks as you tap into the peace that lives within you and sets your spirit free.

Michele Mattix is the owner of Sedona Meditation Experiences in Sedona. She takes individuals and groups out on the red rocks for the meditation experience of a lifetime. Michele is an MMI certified meditation and mindfulness instructor and has been conducting meditation experiences since 2015. She is also available for one-on-one and private group retreats.