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Experience Sedona’s Wellness Retreats Right From Your Own Home

Sedona, a desert town surrounded by red-rock buttes and steep canyon walls located in Arizona’s northern Verde Valley region has long been regarded as a sacred and mystical place. People travel from around the globe to experience Sedona’s famed vortexes – cosmic forces that emanate from the red rocks. These mysterious swirling centers of energy that leave visitors inspired, renewed and uplifted are believed to stimulate healing.

Although all of Sedona is considered to be a vortex, there are specific spots where the energy pulsations are the most powerful. One such, Boynton Canyon, one of the four best-known vortexes is also the site of acclaimed Mii Amo Destination Spa. This luxurious retreat surrounded by staggering natural beauty, part of the Enchantment Group, has been voted #1 destination spa in the US by Travel + Leisure. Here, top practitioners use Native American-inspired therapies and restorative body treatments. Their credo: Let nature nurture your soul. According to Yavapai-Apache legend the majestic Canyon is the place where with First Woman, time and life began again. Mii amo is offering some virtual experiences you can do right now, from your very own home.

Mii amo Virtual Expereinces:

Guided Audio Meditations:

You can restore body, mind and soul with this Loving Kindness Meditation. During this soothing session you set your intentions for the coming week as you harness collective energy, positivity and connect with yourself.

Mii amo launched a themed Instagram TV video on #meditationmonday, with a four to six minute guided meditation from the Mii amo Mindfulness Team, through April 27.

Mii Time is a curated experience for guests to virtually enhance their wellbeing through wellness programming, even when not at Mii amo.

For the first time, Mii amo is making this content easily accessible for all of their Instagram followers @mii_amo_spa

Some Of Mii Amo’s Signature Healing Experiences You Can Do From Your Home:

Prayer Arrows – a journey of spiritual exploration as you send your intentions into the universe with an arrow made from indigenous feathers, beads and a willow branch, inspiring growth and change.  At Home: Use an imaginary bow and arrow or strike any pose from yoga, dance, qigong, tai chi or something else that stirs you and let your intentions soar!

Canyon Bathing – walking into a serene open area where you reconnect with nature and gather wisdom from the ancient rocks as you re -awaken your connection to all living things,  healing mind, body and spirit. Near Home: Connect with nature using all of your senses, un-pluging and staying in the moment – in your backyard, from your terrace, looking at trees, plants and flowers on the street, in a garden, a park or from your window. Don’t forget those adorable chirping birds.

The Full Moon Ceremony – a releasing ceremony and meditation that includes letting go of things that no longer serve you followed by an invocation to create new beginnings, manifesting your wishes and desires.  At Home: Create this ceremony in your home using candles, music, incense, pen and paper to write down things you are releasing, tear them up, then put your heartfelt dreams on paper in a special place and joyously invite them to manifest. You may find that you burst into song.

We can all use some more self love and Sedona Self Love Retreats offer an array of virtual sessions and retreats that range from healing emotional wounds, deepening self love and finding your inner peace to awakened partnership, relationship and family healing and more. All are completely customizable and include one-on-one remote sessions with a team of Expert Practitioners comprised of healers, guides and wisdom teachers. Emotional and Spiritual Healing sessions can be conducted remotely, even some Wellness and Shamanic work.

Additionally, Sedona Soul Adventures are now offering impressive virtual adventures where they bring the unique magic of Sedona to you. This includes Virtual Couples Retreats and Virtual Personal Retreats initiated by a conversation with one of their Angel Guides who find out what you really want in your life to bring you joy. Then, one-on-one virtual sessions with Master Practitioners tailored to your specific needs and vision can facilitate life-changing experiences. Their mission is to bring people back into connection with the Life Force – Spirit.

I can’t wait for the time I’ll be sitting on one of those mystical vortexes, taking in nature’s splendor. In the meantime, traveling virtually to the stunning southwest works like magic for me.

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