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Experience a Vortex tour

What can someone experience on a Vortex tour with Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours?

Tour participants are taken to some of the most beautiful vistas in Sedona with stunning scenery and are taught meditation techniques. the healing energies of this sacred land. One of the most important topics is teaching the importance of living in the moment and consciously manifesting your desired outcomes.  The Law of Manifestation is a physical law operating within the known universe. This law states that what you desire to create will manifest. Your desires are the energy of information that defines what you wish to experience. This energy or desire must be aligned with the energy of your beliefs. It is necessary for you to believe that you can create and receive what it is you wish. This belief opens up the pathway for the manifestation to occur.

It is your attention (focus) plus your intention (thoughts) that produce the manifestation always. So when you wish to manifest, create the thoughts of your desire; add your intention for this outcome, and feel it as already being complete, know it is on its way and complete the process by giving thanks for already having received it.

A recent guest’s experience: "This tour was AMAZING it was a more powerful and spiritually enriched experience than we could have ever imagined and the Feminine vortex is the most breathtaking, awe inspiring in all of Sedona.

Do not miss this tour it has forever changed our understanding of our ability to connect easily to Spirit and has opened our hearts and minds… Thank you for a true vortex experience!”

To book a Vortex or UFO tour, call 513-680-8810 or visit SedonaUFOVortex



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